User Experience Problem That Affects Customer Service

Now a days people prefer to shop online which gains customer comfort. Here are few things listed below stating some of the user experience problem that affects customer service. A small change in customer service can have big impact on the business bottom line.

*   ‘Add to basket’ or ‘Check out’ or ‘Buy now’ button must be clearly visible. It must not be like viewers scrolling down and looking for the buttons. Those call to action words to be highlighted with different colors which would look still more better.

*   Ecommerce sites being non compatible for mobile shopping. Recently we see that people are shopping through mobiles and tablets are increasing. Visitors must feel easy to shop, they must not face any technical issues stating “Error try later”.

*   Check out procedure to be in an one single page. Usually customer prefer to finish off the shopping quickly so that, never take it to the next page. Don’t make use of captchas, for sure you will be losing your sales.

*   If ecommerce site takes long time to download, sure it will tend to loose visitors. When customer clicks the product image they must be able to have a quick view on the product.

*   Shipping charges added at the last minute would surely disappoint the customers. It is at the risk of losing the sales.

*   The search option must work properly listing out the expected results. Ability to search an ecommerce website is very much important. This would improve the findability and navigability of the site.

*   When all of a sudden, page showing 404 will demotivate them to move out. In that case customers are likely to leave the page.

These are some of the major issues customer face while shopping online.

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