UnieMerchant – One Stop Solution for Multi-merchandising

Online shops have become one of the commonest thing in this fast moving world. Shoppers seek the online methods using PC or laptop to do shopping. Mobiles and tablets have also improvised shopping technique. Hence merchants find the online medium to be the most effective method to make their sale.

UnieMerchant (https://www.uniecommerce.com/products/uni-emerchant.html) is one such opportunity for the merchants to get engaged with multi-vendor shopping cart. It allows to handle both deals and products under one roof. It also allows to conduct auction which makes the platform to be highly reliable. UnieMerchant multi-vendor shopping cart handles various sale activities like payment transaction, shipping, etc quite easily. Merchants find the platform to be supportive for multi-merchandising.

The major traffic into the site is drawn with the help of attractive deals. These population buy other products and participate in auction. The special discounts and offers attract the people which bring in repeat customers. Thus products, deals, and auction are equally promoted through the UnieMerchant site.

The UnieMerchant (https://www.uniecommerce.com/products/uni-emerchant/demo.html) multi-vendor shopping cart is supported by a robust admin panel which controls the entire activity of the site. The dashboard provides overall information about the site activities such as active deals, active auction, archive deals, shipping and delivery, redeem coupons, validate coupon code etc. Statistical information with graphs are shown on the dashboard which provide insight about various activities in the site. The cities and categories can be defined by the admin panel. Multiple merchants and users can also be added and managed.

Merchants can add and manage deals, products and auction products. Complete transaction and fund request is handled by the admin panel which also allows to add and manage shops. Payment gateways such as credit card or Paypal are integrated with the site. UnieMerchant (Demo URL: http://demo.uniecommerce.com) multi-vendor shopping cart is one of the best solution for the merchants to handle deals, products, and auction in a single platform.

All the products are entered under relevant category with option to search the deals, products, and auction. The store details are also included in the site such that user could contact them directly. The deals, products, and auction products can also be located on the map. When a place is selected, the list of products or deals in the place is listed on map.

UnieMerchant (Demo URL: http://demo.uniecommerce.com/demoadmin/merchant-login.html)allows to post blogs which can attract more people into the site. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc are also integrated with the site. Users can refer a friend to the site and earn referral income.

UnieMerchant (Demo URL:http://demo.uniecommerce.com/demoadmin/admin-login.html) multi-vendor shopping cart can also be accessed via mobile using apps for iPhone and Android. This exclusive merchant platform is available with multiple language support. Apart from making the merchant business to be more successful, UnieMerchant also makes it attractive with multiple themes.

If you are a merchant and really want to start a hassle free online business, then UnieMerchant is the right solution. It is a single solution that provides multiple business options. It helps to build the business instantly as well as stable to handle deals, products, and auction. Customers are also kept engaged with multiple choices such that they are retained on the site. Hence UnieMerchant acts like an advanced method of multi-merchandising.

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