Top #7 Marketing strategy for Group Buying Business

Groupon clones have established themselves in the market with its interesting group deals offer that provides customer with huge discount when a group buying (many people ready to buy same product) occurs. The success of daily deals have motivated many companies to develop multi merchandising solutions by providing products, deals, and auction under single roof.

There are multiple strategies adapted by the Groupon clones which help in promoting the products into the market cost effectively. Some of them are discussed below:

1) Discount offers

Providing deals and offers may attract many people to buy the deal. Deals with discount offers can attract any type of customer. User get the advantage of buying better quality products/service at best offer price that may be cheap when compared to the market price. Hence discounts play a key strategy in promoting deals which can attract millions of customers in no time.

2) Paid Ads

Most of the groupon clone sites depend on the paid ads to generate traffic on the site. The platforms that support ads include Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc. Especially, Facebook is one of the favorable platform for the groupon clones to promote their business since it is reasonably cost effective. At the same time, the ads may reach across a huge crowd.

3) Spreading the word

The concept of referral has greatly influenced the group buying business. People recommend their friends and relatives to visit the site such that they receive a referral income. The referral can be made on social media such as facebook or twitter. Spreading the news via word-of-mouth is also fetching a good income to the group buying business.

4) Value added benefits

This strategy has many advantages. The user may indirectly help a service organization by buying a particular deal. For example, when a user buys a $40 deal, the $5 spend directly goes to charity organization. This may motivate the people to buy the deal. These kind of promotion can attract more people to spend on particular group deal offer which provides value added service.

5) Lifestyle deals

The group deals that offer special outdoor activities and adventures play a key role when deciding on the marketing strategy to promote deals. It may attract niche group of people who show interest in outdoor games and activities. The lifestyle based group deals find its importance among the people who are sensitive to health and living.

6) Restaurant and dining

This is the most fast moving category in group deals that sells the most. People like to choose from multiple offers for using the particular dining coupon. Some of the restaurants promote combo meals or other combo pack which saves money for the customer. The customer may get the best benefit of enjoying the meal while getting a free cocktail or beverages. The combo scheme is one of the most selling deals for restaurant business.

7) Social fun and games

There is no age limit to enjoy the social fun game. They can log in into facebook to check the friends who are all on the site to play with them. Points can be earned by playing games which may be later used for buying deals. User can recommend a particular deal to their friends which has an avalanche pricing. The more number of friends purchase the offer deal, the lesser will be the price for the recommending buyer.

The main intention of the the strategies adopted for group buying deals mainly concentrate on promoting the sales among a group of people who may also be benefited with offer pricing policy. The other associated strategies adopted along with the group deals helps to promote the deals to the customer effectively.

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