Tips for improving your ecommerce website

Here are few tips for improving your ecommerce site -

As we all know first impression is the best impression. The motivation for buying a product starts from website designing. Design and develop your ecommerce site from customers point of view.

(i) Keep your ecommerce software site simple. No matter what the product is. Have an attractive image for the product and list out categories in systematic way. Be crisp in providing the information to the customers.

(ii) If you really want the customers to view the details about the product and click buy now button. Then enhance the quality of the product image. Provide user with more than one image for each product. Show casing the image in multiple angle will give some idea about the product.

(iii) Next thing is give complete information about the product stating its size, color, usage, features, overview, price comparison, customer rating option, feedback everything must be found. All this will motivate the customers to buy.

(iv) The ecommerce software must be simple allowing to add or remove the product. Providing full control over managing the back end.

(v) Making it user-friendly. Have a search tab option allowing the user to type and find their way in search result. The user must be able to find the product based on criteria like size, color, price, design, etc.

(vi) Having a transparent and secured payment is expected from every customers. There must be no hidden fee. Make the sign up procedure as simple as possible. Everything within 5 steps.

(vii) Provide your customers with real informations regarding the phone number, contact address, mail id, etc. The information must not be fake.

(viii) It would be better to have portfolio, demo page, trail version, etc. These things makes your customers gain more trust on you. Have new letters, column to update offers and deals, various payment options, etc.


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