Tips for creating effective call-to-action buttons for e-commerce software

The conversion would be the end result of any online business promotions. In e-commerce, business conversion is a big challenge for every online business owners. Even though your business website looks great and more attractive, still the conversion rate is very low; the focus must be toward “call-to-action” (CTA) button. CTA button, which is to do a certain action for which the business website is intended to, induces your customers to convert their decision to action. The wordings in CTA button must be specific and to the point like “Add to cart”, “Join Now”, “Contact Us”, etc.

touch iconThe best way to test your CTA is A/B test that will definitely upgrade your efforts and improve conversion rates. To use A/B test, a few simple methods can to be used:

  • Button color
  • Button text
  • CTA & button placement
  • CTA shape
  • Call-to-action size
  • Call-to-action image (icon)

Following are certain aspects to be considered to make viewers click on CTA buttons:

Guide them to do right action

The user-friendly website will always work better. While designing a website, we have to ensure that the well-built web page can be accessed easily. So, it is more important to be straightforward to tell the viewers what to do next.

Specify what they get

One of our goals is to create email sign ups. If you keep a CTA button saying, “Send Me My Discount”, the targeted customers will undoubtedly make them sign up with their email Ids.

Language matters

The language used in CTA buttons must be simple, strong, and specific. Using bombastic vocabulary may mislead the viewers who may not be aware of those jargons. Using first person language works better. It is encouraged to use “Start my free trial” instead of “Start your free trial”.

Make it time-sensitive

Specifying the time in the CTA button will attract. Your offers will be more effective when wordings such as “Sign up today, and get a 20% discount on all offers”, “Download your free trial today”, etc. are the magical words to make the customers act immediately.

Remove the risk

We have to ensure the viewers that there is no risk in signing up for the newsletter or of that kind. Before giving incentives, you must remove their anxieties and any possible barriers for signing up by using captions like “No pressure, cancel at any time”, “We hate spam as much as you, we never share your email address with anyone”, etc.

Consider color and apt place

Using contrast colors like orange, green, or yellow will attract your customers’ attention while they were looking for further action. Placement of CTA button is more also equally important.

CTA may be the shortest content, but the hardest piece to be written on any website. CTA has the typical role generate as well as convert leads. To make your CTA work, it must be a part of a well-executed inbound strategy. In software and IT market, the most effective and customer based e-commerce website are built, and some SaaS-based e-commerce software is providing free themes with advanced e-commerce features. To check the performance of your CTA, there are certain key metrics such as “Click-through rate”, “Click-to-submission rate”, and “View-to-submission rate” to be tracked.

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