Social Commerce – Adding Social Media To Ecommerce

Social commerce involves using social media, supporting social interaction. It is selling products by implementing social commerce into the trading business. Today it is considered to be the most refined and feasible way to succeed in the business.

A statistical report states, 75% of consumer said that through watching user generated video reviews helped them to make a purchase decision. 74% of people rely on social networks to purchase. With just a click of mouse over social bookmarking, social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc would help to reach out customers.

Major sales driven in social ecommerce -

*   Establishing networks through facebook, twitter, pinterest,

*   Through online marketplace script and auction sites

*   Through user review sites, group buying, etc.

Social commerce is nothing but using social media as transactional media.

Here the buyer takes the decision to buy the product not just based on the product description or images but rather based on the reviews given by the other user. This is an additional weight-age for increasing the sales.

The user keeps sharing their personal feedback, provides recommendation to their friends. It is the best platform to have direct contact with their customers. Thereby even seller can get to know, much about their products. It is said that, 75% of people are more likely to purchase a product or services that a friend openly endorses on social media.

When your planning to sell through social networks, it must be presented well with catchy content, video of the product and other facebook updates. All these can really attract customers. There are chances for the visitors to share the post only when the post is striking and appealing. Social commerce is said to be the best tool for business promotional activities

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