Make Your Retail Marketing Agile via Online and Smartphones

Picking a telephone directory to find a business has become old fashioned with the advent of online e-commerce and mobile applications. Type it on the Google, Yahoo, or Bing and get your answers for the search within few seconds! The mobile and online presence has become very much essential for all purpose including retail industry.

Retailing or method of selling products to the consumers has set a new trend for carrying out its activity with online marketing. More than 90% of the people use the search engine to find the local business or product online which increases the scope for online retail marketing. About 80% of the people refer reviews and recommendation from other users before making a purchase.

The retail e-commerce marketing often depends upon multiple criteria like different geographic location of the market, shipping method, payment method, remote customers etc. Apart from this basic requirements, the online retail marketing also depends upon various features such as website design, speed (slower the site,lower your sale), selection of products (neat presentation), product detail page etc. There are multitude of open source e-commerce software in the market which helps to build the most successful retail e-commerce site.

Currently, the smart phones have influenced the retail marketing online. People get access to the online retail store via their mobiles which keeps the market agile. Retailers are able to reach the customers via online and via smart phones. User gets the facility to buy from anywhere at anytime with transparent pricing and automated price comparison. It is expected that by 2016, Mobile-driven online sales in US will be $62.2 billion.

Responsive design which adapts the site to different smart phones screen size has changed the market for retailers. Mobile platform helps the end user to compare prices with different marketplaces like Amazon. Integration of multiple payment gateways make the mobile e-commerce to be more reliable along with barcode scanning. Above all, people get reviews instantly from online as well as from mobile form of retail marketing.

In this fast moving gadget-filled world, every business should have their own domain in the internet with supported mobile apps. For retailers, reaching the customers on mobile or iPad or PC keep their business endowed with opportunities.

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