How to Promote an Ecommerce Site Successfully?

This is an era of selling products online using an ecommerce site which becomes the first contact point for customers. There are multiple companies who are ready to build your ecommerce site. There are also plenty of scripts available in the market which can help you to build an ecommerce site quickly. But the fact remains that one need to make the site visible among the crowd such that people become familiar about your site and products.

Promoting an ecommerce site to the public is one of the millennium task since it seeks expertise and strategic planning. SEO is one such magical three letters which does a great contribution in listing the sites on the best pages of search engine such that ecommerce site’s visits are increased leading to sales enhancement.

Once I had a long discussion with one of the expert in the field of SEO who gave me many advises and few I would like to share here.

Keyword identification

The first and foremost step for promoting the ecommerce site is to identify the keywords that represent your product or business. For example, “Mobile Commerce”, “M-commerce” etc. The best keywords can be chosen from the options suggested by Google Keyword Planner which will show the competition existing for the particular keyword and related information. Thus your first step will help you to identify the type of phrase people use while they search the products/service. This can help you to bring in focused and targeted sales.


You can now start writing articles and blogs which may contain the keywords that you have identified as valuable for your site. When you post these blogs or articles on the best sites in the internet, you may get a back link (a website link through anchor text/keyword) which may bring more visitors to your site.

Participate in Forum

Forums are the place where one can ask question, get replies, or post replies. You can participate in the forums by leaving the url of your ecommerce site as the signature line which may get noticed by valuable customers who are interested in your query or reply.

Reciprocal link building

This is very unusual method of link building which can increase your page ranking. There may be many other ecommerce site who may be ok with sharing your link on their site if you are ready to place their link in your site. This is the case of mutual benefit. This can be profitable agreement since the visitor comes in search of an ecommerce site and chances are there that he may visit your link too.

Place site in directories

If you have plans to focus your sales in the local areas, then submitting your site link in the directories site is the best option. This may bring attention of people who belong to particular region.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

This is yet another strategy adopted by SEO for placing the ads on the search engine pages. The real advantage is that you have to pay money only when a visitor clicks the link and reaches your ecommerce site. Some of the famous PPC services include Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo search marketing. There are also special sites which promote ecommerce sites exclusively which includes,,, etc.

Referral programs

This is an innovative thought by ecommerce site owners to promote the site. When a customer of the site refers more visitors to the site, then he can enjoy the referral income. This can increase the sales on the site.

Sharing videos

Interesting sales video can be created and posted on the various video sharing site which can increase the number of visitors to the website with the site links included in them.

Email marketing/Newsletters

This is one of the oldest method which is very effective in reaching the customers. Customized newsletters can be circulated to the customers to keep them informed about latest products and offers on the site which can improve sales.

Reliability of Site

One may find many other methods to promote the ecommerce site, I have discussed only the main methods. Apart from the various techniques utilized to promote the ecommerce site, it is very essential to notice if the site is user-friendly and has complete features to function properly. The integration of the best payment mode like Paypal or credit card should be securely done such that user finds it easy and reliable to do money transactions with the site. This helps to bring in repeat customers.

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