How can you promote your Ecommerce Activities with Pinterest?

Pinterest is no more a social network to share your interest. It has now become your vital space to promote your ecommerce activities. Basically, Pinterest allows to place pins (photos) on your interest boards in order to show case your interest. This social network is based on sharing people’s interest and hobbies while other networks like Facebook concentrate on building relationship.

Presently, Pinterest is a hot social network which has huge potential to promote the ecommerce activities with its multitude of features. Some of the features of Pinterest that help to popularize ecommerce activities are discussed below:

1. Build your business account:

Every business gets its equal opportunity to open a business account with Pinterest. This can become their identity in the network since customers can find them easily.

2. Profile image:

Distinct profile images that represent your business can be uploaded here. The maximum size of image may be limited to 160×165 pixels.

3. Create boards/pins:

The basic idea of Pinterest is to maintain interest boards. The company can create attractive boards that may reflect their brand or products. For example, collection of casual dress can be your interest board which helps to promote business. The pins or photos can be added into the board with clarity images. People can follow the board.

4. Widget builder page:

The Pinterest provides a widget builder page which allows to include pin it button, follow button, pin widget, profile widget, and board widget. These widgets can be useful for getting the inputs from the site visitor as they may share his/her opinion.

5. Embed boards on website:

Most useful feature that Pinterest could ever offer is this embed option. Using this option, the interest boards can be embed in the ecommerce business website. Pins will be shared on the site.

6. Rich pins:

Rich pins allows to include the details of pricing, product availability, where to buy etc. This feature helps to enhance the ecommerce activity on the site. It clearly shows the items in category. The pins can be shared with other social media.

7. Analytics

Pinterest analytics shows the pins that are popular and drives the maximum traffic. The analytics can be useful for understanding the buyer attitude that may be useful for ecommerce business.

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