Be Proficient in Conversion Optimization to Succeed in your Ecommerce Business

Business conversion optimization is difficult as the percentage of conversion is unpredictable. As business owners and digital marketers know the value of website conversion rates, they focus on improving the marketing strategies for increased conversion rates.

It is important to learn how to optimize your e-commerce business, and thereby, how to increase your conversion rate.

1. Observe your Google Analytics Data

Google analytics data is very crucial to understand how your website conversion process is going on. It helps to check the traffic in your site, bounce rates and much more.

In Google analytics, you will get more data about user behavior on your site, CTR, traffic source, devices, location, website flow and other similar data points. In all these, data help you set up your goals, create a list of weak conversion points, run A/B testing process and then implement all processes on your websites to get reflected in your conversion process.

An analysis of your target audience is also necessary to optimize your website and set up the campaign process.

2. Customer feedback

Collect all customer feedback and requirements after an analysis of your product purchases and check your website user interface. After gathering all valid information, recognise the pros and cons to get an idea about the changes required and the expectations from the customer end. But here, the difficult process is to get customer feedback. Let us find out some of the distinct ways to obtain feedback from customers.

The following are some of the methods to get feedback from the customers.

Pop-up Window
Survey questions
Feedback call to action
Livechat customer support
Phone customer support

3. A/B testing

A/B testing is when you experiment with two or more pages at the same time and various locations and then compare the data to see which page performs the best for your business.

In A/B testing, you need to check the following.

Call to action
Video content
Headline content
Image optimization
Copy content checking
User interspace
Page layout

How to test your landing pages? Need to follow some testing rules.

Step 1 : Create a landing page.
Step 2 : Create a page variant.
Step 3 : Name the variation page.
Step 4 : Change the element you wish to test (CTA, image copy, headline)
Step 5 : Analyze the A/A test results.

Regular conversion rate optimization helps to drive repeat business and enhance brand engagement and interaction. Optimization is the daily process of the digital marketing team and it not easy. Despite the chances of failing in the attempts, it has highly significant advantages when done right.

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