Masterminding Next Gen Ecommerce Websites

You may be either a newbie or experienced pro in the field of ecommerce business, yet your commercial success or financial up-heave will only be counted for the day to establish yourself in the industry. People who visit your site and engage in activities associated with your site encompass your success or failure stories.

Some of the best practices that you can adopt to enhance your ecommerce business by converting your visitors to customers, and retaining your existing customers on the site are discussed below.

1) Make them comfortable: Customers or site visitors are the right person to whom you are going to promote your business. So let it be more customized and personal. You might have collected many information from the customers but may not have used them even once. The real success of your ecommerce site is to make the customer at home by using personalized data work out for you. Recognize your customers on their next visit.

2) Social connections: Today’s world is totally interconnected with the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. You can allow your customers to share the information on your ecommerce site on other social media sites such that more people become aware about your business. Increase your opportunity to get noticed in the public.

3) Mobile compatibility: With smartphones slowly penetrating the world of ecommerce it has become essential for the ecommerce site to get featured on mobiles. It is wise to include mobile apps or dedicated mobile sites which can attract the crowd.

4) GPS facility: Promote your products to the customer who is in proximity to your business. This can be made possible via GPS facility which provides exact location of the visitor on the map. The push notifications can be forwarded to the customer mobile making him agile to do shopping.

5) Interactive UI: The bounce rate from ecommerce site is more when its UI is totally collapsed. The user interface decides the way in which the end user will interact with the site which should be simple and user friendly. The UI may also be creative and fun-filled to retain the customer.

6) Custom need: You may not buy a product when you are not convinced that it is exactly what you want. Convincing the customers to feel that the product will best suit them is one of the best practices that can be adopted with ecommerce site. You can tell him it is the color you want, it fits his budget or sometimes even paint the house model to show its appearance. The product should be applied to the life style of the customer.

7) Manage images: The image resolution and clarity plays a great role in creating the first impression on the customer. The images should be handled properly with good layouts. Scaling of the images can be done with options to view maximum images in the grid, scroll down options etc. One can even provide zooming option such that user can view the product more clearly.

8) Show what you sell: Carried away with the thoughts to provide more wonderful navigation and extra effects, some ecommerce site fail to show what they really sell. The customer’s attention should be centered over the products and not on your web gimmicks.

9) Panels: Show your best efforts in managing the menu (using DHTML and Ajax) by properly handling the categories or panels. The contents can be made dynamic and interactive. The related products or items which are relevant to the customer should be showed on the page. The product attributes like size or color should be properly managed.

10) Text handling: HTML5 has added the convenience for the people to get more textual with best typographic palette. This should be utilized to the maximum to make the site appear personalized.


The ecommerce site which has all the above features will definitely live in the heart of the customer and infact bring good business and income. There are many valuable ecommerce solutions in the market which provides the above features by instantly building the site.

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