Yet another innovation from Uniecommerce – The UniEnterprise

Uniecommerce is on the brim of releasing UniEnterprise which has advanced features that are favorable for promoting the products in the ecommerce store apart from handling deals, products, and auction under one platform.

The UniEnterprise is very much favorable for multi-merchandising since it manages the sale of products, deals, as well as conduct auction flexibly in a single platform. Multiple stores can be handled using UniEnterprise. The opportunity for sale is increased since customers find their search, all in the one site. There is no limit on number of vendors. The stores are mobile responsive which can increase the sale on the site.

UniEnterprise is a newer approach to enhance the sales by introducing various methods to improve the sales on the site. Some of the features included with UniEnterprise which can increase the sales and retain the customers are discussed below.

1. Inventory management

Main requirement of the ecommerce site is inventory management. The site is stable for handling huge unlimited inventory.

2. Shipping and delivery

The success of the ecommerce site depends on how it handles the shipping and delivery. UniEnterprise manages the shipping & delivery properly up to the satisfaction of the customers with good control in the back end to manage delivery.

3. Coupons and gift certificates

The UniEnterprise generates coupons and gift certificates which can be availed by the customer. It can also be sent to other friends or relatives of the user which makes it easier for the user to share coupons.

4. Loyalty programs

UniEnterprise provides best platform for the ecommerce organization to encourage sales by including loyalty programs. Customers can be made loyal to the enterprise with special offers and discounts.

5. Shop by brand

The user can search the ecommerce site based on brands. The UniEnterprise allows to build a brand image by allowing shopping based on brand names.

6. Affiliate Management

The ecommerce site built using UniEnterprise includes affiliate management. The deals can be posted from other affiliate sites which can increase the customer flow and sales on the site.

The upcoming product, UniEnterprise, has all the features that may be favorable for conducting an ecommerce business successfully as well as promote the business with prime features such as loyalty programs and shop by brand etc. Choosing one product can give you multiple solutions. The UniEnterprise will be available in the market by the end of June 2014.

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