How to Increase Sales Conversion on Mobile Platform?

Mobile commerce have become very common these days that one can find lots of mobile traffic streaming into the business. About 15% of the sales from ecommerce site are from mobile customers. Mobile shopping is a potential area which can be explored more to get active business. The mobile commerce sales in US are expected to reach $114 billion this year (2014).

At this juncture, some of the best strategies to be followed for increasing the mobile conversion rate are discussed below.

Build optimized site

The ecommerce site which is mainly focusing on providing mobile commerce should be designed appropriately such that customers can easily move around the site by logging through the mobile front. The number of clicks to accomplish a task should be reduced such that users find it easy to navigate across the site. A minimum of 2 clicks can be ideal for the users to reach anywhere on the site. Search options should be prominently provided such that it becomes easier for the users to find anything on the site by submitting the request in search box. Multiple payment gateways should be provided by the site along with speedy checkout process.

Explore mobile features

The maximum features of the mobile must be explored and used with the site. Video files on products/services can be used effectively to increase sales conversion. It helps for easy decision making. The click-to-call button or call-to-action button provides more comfort for the customer to navigate across the application which can indirectly promote the sales. The GPS facility can be utilized to measure shipping cost and delivery time.

The barcode facilities and QR-code readers makes the billing to be simple which helps to generate the sales through the mobile. The classifieds ads from nearby places can be explored in the ecommerce site such as eBay which adds more value to the mobile commerce.

Email handling

The emails are one of the oldest technique yet very effective technique to increase the sales conversion on the mobile site. The emails are easier and simple to use with quick processing. Emails can be presented with recommended size of button at least 40 pixels. Typing text can be eliminated wherever possible to provide enhanced user experience. Instead drop-down menu can be used to select options.

Cover local market

Study reveals that 70% of mobile customers search for businesses within five miles of location. Hence location-based service is the best option for mobile commerce. People search nearby restaurants, bank, ATM etc which creates importance for local businesses. Push notifications can be sent to the mobile regarding local businesses via mobile paps. Coupons can be generated for shopping in store and online. The mobile searches can be optimized for local search.

Personalized approach

People feel homely and comfortable when they are addressed personally. The database information can be used effectively to address the customer with personalized option. Arrival of new products can be informed. The information regarding the current offers and discounts can be flashed on the mobile. Loyalty programs can be announced for the appropriate customer based on their visits and purchases.

Less contents

More contents on the site may confuse the customer. Therefore, less contents that are relevant can be used with fewer clicks to select options. This can reduce the bounce rate on the site which can lead to increased sales conversion.

Social Media

Today’s world highly depends on social media since it is one of the fast growing sector which handles the biggest resource – the manpower. Social media is rich with information about millions of people across the world. Social sharing button can be introduced to increase sales conversion on the site. More and more images and videos on social media attract the crowd towards mobile commerce.


The mobile commerce has reached new heights by serving the customers at its best with strategic handling of data and sales promotion. The flexible payment gateways support increased sales conversion on the site. People stay connected with the various services that are provided on mobile platform which involves newer technologies and service & business model which makes it uniquely different from traditional ecommerce. Some of the top categories in mobile commerce sales include apparel & accessories, computer hardware, and event tickets. The highest percentage of mobile commerce spending is on video games, consoles & accessories. Hence the businesses should identify the potential market for mobile commerce and explore it to its fullest extent to increase conversion rate on the site.

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