Importance of Social commerce

Today we have stepped from ecommerce to scommerce. Social commerce is all about the people and social power. Social sharing things likes, tweets, share all these enriches the product demand. A statistics report says that, 75% of shopper who read social sharing comments and feedbacks have clicked on the product link in the post which landed in product page of retailers website. 53% out of those shopper who clicked through retailer page have made the purchase. Today social sharing are very much valuable which creates a cycle of sharing and buying thus process goes on.

Social commerce includes customer feedback, comments, rating option, like/dislike button, review recommendation, refer friend option, forum community, etc. As everybody knows social commerce was introduced in November 2005 by Yahoo.

A small statistical report on social commerce -

*   Social commerce sales are expected to bring in $30 billion each year by 2015
*   Facebook drives 26% of referral traffic to business websites
*   It is said that 20% of shoppers prefer buying products through a brand’s Facebook page compared to its website.
*   Nearly 10 million registered small businesses have a Facebook presence.
*   89% of agencies use the social network to advertise for their business clients.
*   Small businesses believe Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for their brand.
*   Today there are millions of pages on face book, many of which are used for business purpose

All these point revels the importance of social media sites. Today customers are using this social media channel not only to increase the social circle, also to get review of the products before purchasing. This platform helps in enhancing word of mouth publicly. Thereby helps in increasing the sales conversion.

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