Group Buying Script – Bi-fold Buying Resulting in Break-even Business

The concept of group buying is fast spreading across the market. It is a simple e-commerce setup wherein both providers and consumers receive benefit based on bulk discounts on group buying. This concept has helped both B2C and B2B market to make profit.

Benefits for B2C market

A B2C market becomes successful based on getting the best value for consumer’s money, driven by emotion, product driven purchase, and brand loyalty. Group buying sites publish the complete product information, fixed prices etc., which makes the public to prompt for a purchase. The group buying script provides an easy option for the consumers to make an online purchase option. The estimated number of people who have ever bought a daily deal is 26 million+. Infact, women buy more vouchers from more daily deal sites than men on average.

Market for B2B group buying

Small and mid-size business is greatly benefited by group buying site since they can sell huge volumes without any additional expenses. Group buying reduces operating expenses while the profit margin is increased. Groupon clone scripts which builds group buying site is one of the successful B2B solution providing the base for the businesses to spread their deals. It is equally beneficial for both consumers and business since providers get revenue while consumers receives discount.

Group buying for hotel business

An unoccupied hotel room is of no worth. For this reason, hotel companies are ready to reduce the price in order to fill in the rooms. Group buying is very much useful for this purpose since it allows for bulk booking of rooms at reduced cost which meets the profit margin of the hoteliers who also provide packages like extra-night-free-deals. The hotel companies also tie up with other travel agencies who provide packaging the rooms with flights and rental cars.

Group buying for restaurant business

Restaurant business attracts the people by providing discount offers for the best cuisine in the menu. If the customer is impressed by the food, then he may even pay the full rate next time to enjoy the food. On the other side of the coin, group buying deals provides an opportunity for every customer to enjoy many types of food such as Italian, Continental, Mexican etc at affordable pricing.

Group buying Script

Group buying has now become a booming business opportunity for all types of businesses to increase their sales by providing best offers to the customers. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is also helping to spread group buying deals. There are multiple groupon clone script available in the market which helps to build most impressive group buying site which may attract more consumer into the site and double the revenue. It is very much essential to choose the best script with maximum features such that it becomes very easy to manage the business with less efforts.

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