How Group Buying is Useful for Business?

There are about 1000+ Groupon Clone in the market. There is good surge in the market for group buying sites which provides huge discounts to the customers across multiple industrial verticals from restaurant to Spa. The group deals become active when certain number of people are ready to buy the products at the available rate within the ticking time. When the number of persons join, then the deals becomes active, otherwise deal is closed. There are lots of advantages for the Group buying business and some of them are discussed below.

Attracts customer:

Since the main function of Group buying site is to provide huge discounts to the customers, it attracts more new customers into the business. People may be attracted with 50% to 90% discount offer which push the sales on the site.

Product introduction:

New product can be introduced to the customers with discount offers via group buying deals. It helps for building brands as well as gain recognition in the market. People tend to revisit the site again and again when they are impressed with the offers.

Social media influence

More number of people can be attracted to the site using the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The group buying sites promote referral programs which encourage the customers to refer others to the site to earn referral income. This can keep the people engaging as well as attached with the site as they get income without much difficulties.

Move inventory:

The group buying site allows the sale of bulk products. Also, the products that are slow moving in the market can be sold easily via group deals. Inexpensive products can attract the crowd. Mostly, the deals related to restaurants, food, and travels have huge welcome in the crowd.

Mobile deals

The deals can also be availed by the customer via mobile which makes it flexible for user to buy products. They can browse the deals via smartphones and make a purchase quickly and cost effectively.


Group buying scripts are available in the market which allows to build group buying sites quickly and manage a hassle-free business. The site allows to manage the inventory and support multiple payment gateways. One can also build groupon clone site that supports multiple currencies and language. Hence groupon clone script helps to build a functional ecommerce business online which can increase the sales potential. Group buying site can be worthwhile to make a profitable business.

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