Google “Buy Button”, a Game-Changing eCommerce Trend

Google “Buy Button”, a Game-Changing eCommerce Trend

Google has taken its new incarnation in the guise of “buy button”. It allows eCommerce businesses to sell products or services through Google. eCommerce has been considered as the trend-changing business model; even now its performance excels with several upgraded business models. Add to it, Google has made its biggest move to push the online business with its “buy buttons”. This ultimate innovation is intended not only to simplify online shopping but also to enhance the efficiency of redirecting advertisements. By doing so, Google has become the major competitor for many existing online marketplaces.

In redirecting ads, these “buy buttons” will be kept on the top. Once the customers clicked the advertisements, it would be redirected to the landing page (whether it may be a brand’s website or a marketplace) where they can do all the buying processes such as choosing the size and color of the selected product(s). Besides, such landing pages will be branded by Google and have links to other sellers’ products. Google has also decided to concentrate an efficient delivery model to improve the customer experience by fulfilling the orders.

Unlike marketplaces, Google will not be getting a margin for the products sold on its portal but will be paid on a pay-per-click basis, which is much less while comparing it with multi-vendor platforms. If this feature hits every economy, a lot of sellers can get benefitted irrespective of their business size and type. It will also be an additional resource for varied brands and products having own eCommerce websites to bring their potential customers into their page in minimal costs.

Google has limited this product to mobile as they must be aware of the mobile user database and how they use it to do all their searches. There will be a huge impact in the eCommerce business if Google partners with other existing marketplaces. Let’s hope for the best!

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