Factors that Influence in Choosing Ecommerce Solution

When we talk about the ecommerce websites we also look into the design of the ecommerce solution which plays a key role in exhibiting the ecommerce site with enhanced outlooks and appearance that attracts the crowd.

Functional readymade ecommerce solution with inbuilt features has now become the latest trend in the market to build an ecommerce site quickly and cost effectively. Ecommerce site such as Amazon have developed the business model which brings lots of traffic and sales to the site. This has established the necessity of good designs for the ecommerce site to keep the customers engaged with the site with beautiful designs.

Some of the features that one should lookout while looking out for selecting ecommerce solution are discussed below.

Standard platform

There are plenty of ecommerce platform in the market such as Magento, Oscommerce, Opencart, Prestashop etc. Choosing the right platform for the specified industry is highly essential. One should look out for affordable platform. Choosing inexpensive or free software may not give you fruitful results all the time. Free software may have limited functionalities, therefore instead of spending extra on the free platform one can choose the platform that provides more functionalities at less cost.

OS support

The ecommerce platform should be selected in such a way that they support multiple operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc such that site performance is enhanced. The platform should be flexible to support any future changes or inclusion


Since there may be plenty of users on the site engaged in shopping, the ecommerce site should be reliable such that it does not crash down. One should choose the best ecommerce solution which has previous history of reliability.

Supporting features

The ecommerce solution must have user friendly GUI with easy check out and payment methods. These are one of the primary requirement that should be available with the platform. One page check out is most preferred by the customers.

Advantage of open source

Being an open source, the development cost is greatly reduced as one need not develop the application from the scratch. Ready-to-use modules such as product catalog, shopping cart etc can be customized as per the requirement which makes the solution to be user friendly. Best add on modules, features, plug-ins etc can be included as per requirement.

Select appropriate platform

Each ecommerce platform such as Magento, Oscommerce etc have their own advantage and disadvantage. For example, Magento is a feature rich package but may be little expensive . Virtuemart requires less technical skills but does not support advanced functionalities. Oscommerce provides best customization and multiple language support but does not have regular updates. Therefore, one should select the platform based on the requirement.

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