ecommerce trend 2013

The fine ecommerce site has an ability to define customers expectation and then proceed to delivering . ecommerce software industry continues to grow.

According to Gartner

” Gartner estimates the market size of e-commerce software, including commercial services from the cloud, is $3B in 2013 ”

” Gartner sees mobile, social and globalization being the three compelling reasons why e-commerce product strategies need to be re-evaluated today”.

Rise of M commerce -

According to google analytics over 57% of visitors are using mobile device. Later slowly the ecommerce firms started to invest in mobile platform. As they are the best positioned to capture todays market share.

Responsive Ecommerce -

We all would have heard about responsive design which is in way same as responsive ecommerce. e-Merchant giving instant respond to the needs of the customers. Its adapting to the changing demands of todays market.

Delivery battleground -

Retailers focus on improving end to end order management, which improves the customer satisfaction.

Focusing more on social network integration -

Ecommerce will become even more intensive with social networking. As we all know social media has a way to interact and market to customers. Social media channel like face book, twitter, etc allows to explore new avenues.

Personalization -

Personalization is the key to deliver great customer experience. Generally it is said that about 59% of the consumers expects to be notified when their frequently purchased item is on sales. Just an email, sales alerts or some interesting offers attracts the customers.

Updated content -

Always have an updated content. Product description, sales promotion, other news, etc has to be new. Do some creative things which can easily attract online store visitors. Even you can run an ecommerce business blog, forum or latest column to keep updated.

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