Why Do e-Commerce Site Fails to Make Sales?

Ecommerce keeps the customer informed about latest products or service by providing them sales at their finger tips. Customers can buy the products by surfing through the internet and browsing the shopping carts. They can compare the rates and get the best value for the product by shopping online. There are plenty of advantages to shop online. One can get pampered with door delivery of products. Vast collection of items can be viewed at one’s comfort. Customers can shop at any time from anywhere.

Apart from its various benefit, few of the ecommerce sites are not as popular as certain shopping carts in the market. There are many reasons for the failure of e-commerce site. Some of the points are discussed below.

1. Pricing

The price matters for most of the customers since it seems to be little high when they add the shipping cost and other tax. The cost may be too high for the product or it may be too high for the particular buyer who have his own budget range. Since ecommerce is a wide open market, the cost should be competitive to convince the buyer. Proper discounts and offers can keep the customers stick to the same shopping cart.

2. Product Collection

One of the main reason why the customers choose to buy online is that they get a vast collection of products from which they can select. The user can browse the entire product range at his comfort and select the desired product by comparing it other products online. If the product range is less then it is less likely they will choose the cart for buying.

3. Returns due to Size issues

Sometimes the product purchased via online is returned back by the customer since it may not match the required size. This happens mostly when buying cloths, shoes, rings etc. For this reason, it is highly recommended that the site provide correct size details such that it is easier for the customer to select his size in order to reduce the failure of sales due to size issues.

4. Function of the Site

People are more reluctant to wait for their service online while browsing the shopping cart or while buying. They expect quick service with fast loading of the pages. This attitude of the customer forces the ecommerce site to check on its site functionalities like reducing error-prone pages with fast loading of images etc to avoid fall in sales.

5. Search function

If the collection of items is huge, definitely the customer should be provided with functional search option to find his need. People should be given option to search based on color, size, price range, product name etc. People find it easy when they get the list of items that they search quickly which reduces their burden of browsing the whole data.

6. Stock availability

One of the main reason why the people get frustrated to abandon the shopping carts is stock availability. When customers search the site, find the product, place and order, and finally come to know that the particular product is out of stock, then it creates a negative impact on sales on the site. Therefore, the stock level should be correctly checked and maintained to reduce the sales drop on the site.

7. User-friendly Navigation

Every customer is unique in exploring the site. The navigation across the site should be designed in such a way that the customer feels comfortable in browsing the site to find his product of search. Sometimes, a clumsy unorganized site may confuse the user to leave the site without buying though you may have the product that he is searching which leads to sales drop.

8. Appearance

If the appearance of the site is not attractive then it may also affect the sales. The appealing outlooks of the shopping cart helps to keep the customer engaged for hours together to buy products. Other features like zooming the products can create an impression on customer to make a purchase since people like to take closer look on clothing, models, material etc.

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