Converting Your Offline shoppers into Online Shoppers

Online shopping has become the latest trend in this fast moving gadget-filled world. One of the studies taken in 2014 reveals that nearly 47% of teenage US males prefer online buying while 26% of US teenage females are involved in ecommerce shopping. This is a tremendous improvement when compared with online shopping in 2013 where only 20% of male and 18% of female teenagers were involved in the activities of ecommerce.

On the other side of the coin, one cannot deny the fact that more number of people still prefer the traditional offline shopping. In 2013, the number of teenage male and female offline shoppers counted to 80% and 82% respectively. However, the count decreased to 53% male and 74% female in 2014. Yet, when compared to online shoppers, people prefer offline (physical store) shopping owing to various reasons.

Shopping via internet can be one of the awesome experience for the end user because of its flexibility and convenience. Some of the main features that can be considered for converting the existing offline shoppers into online shoppers are discussed below.

1. Feel the product

One of the main reason for people preferring the in-store purchase is because they get the feel of the product. The buyers has to be assured that the product is convincing as it appears. Therefore, the product presentation should be good in order to attract the people. People keep gazing when the product image is clear and attractive. This can be a good contribution for sales conversion.

2. Design/Layout

If your shopping cart is monotonous then you can least expect the customers. The online shop should be easy for browsing and navigation. The design and layout should be intuitive such that user could find their need easily. The sites that are user-friendly ultimately remains in the heart of the customer which brings in more repeat customer.

3. Variety of choice

There are plenty of ecommerce solutions in the market which provides different kinds of service like regular products, group deals, etc. The shopping cart that includes maximum variety of selling methods like group deals, auction etc will attract more customers to the site. The buyers should be influenced by providing deals and offers that can save their money.

4. Shipping/payment

This is the most affecting part of online shopping. People easily get frustrated if the payment methods are complicated. Infact, people think twice before they submit the credit card details or bank account. This illusion can be broken down by integrating a safe money transaction method with clear shipping methods.

5. Interactiveness

People like to get opinion from others before they make a purchase. The online shoppers can be engaged with sharing of product ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on social networking site. Social media can be the best option to reach maximum number of users cost effectively.

Some of the main areas to focus for converting the physical store users into e-shoppers are discussed above. There are also many other methods like inclusion of GPS & geolocation of stores, customer feedbacks, email & newsletter subscription, referral programs, mobile apps, built-in SEO, community forums, support, etc.

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