How to Build Your Free Online Store?

No fuel, no traffic, no crowd. Today’s shopping is done at leisure, conveniently at home, over the internet. Buyers can browse across different e-shops and compare prices before shopping. E-commerce has provided a new outlet for the merchants to meet their buyers 24×7. The payments can also be done flexible via different methods like credit card, Paypal, cash-on-delivery etc. Infact, e-shops take good care of your product and deliver them at your place with free or paid shipping service depending upon the product.

Reading all these facilities of e-shop, consumers tend to choose online shopping. Above all, the merchants are tempted to open their e-shop to enhance their sales. Though multiple vendors are shining in their business using ecommerce site, there are still plenty of novice who do not know how to start e-shop. If you are one among them, then you are reading through the right lines. Read more to build your own FREE ecommerce site all by yourself.

Uni-eCart is a product from Uniecommerce which allows to build a free shopping cart with all its complete features. Anyone can start a ecommerce site just by managing the admin panel which is very easy to understand. You can add your products for sale categorically with details like photo, description, price etc. The hot products are listed below. The ads can be managed on the top banner. All the products are listed categorically such as books, clothing etc. One can also find the products using the search option. When you choose a product, other related products also gets listed which keeps the customer engaged and glued with the site.(

One can register with the site or use Facebook connect to access the site. The site has add to cart option which allows the user to buy the products and keep them in cart until it is paid off. User can always remove products from cart before doing final payment. Another interesting feature of Uni-eCart(Demo : is that one can choose the size and color of the product.

Most valuable feature of Uni-eCart for the merchants is that it allows to get the feedback from the customers in the form of star rating. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc are shared with the ecommerce site such that user can poll their opinion, place their likes, post their comments etc which can be very useful for the merchants to understand the need of the customer. Just imagine- all these happens on your PC, Laptop, or tablet, smartphone etc.

The whole site can be built quickly and easily using the Uni-eCart. The back-end has options to view statistical information like New customers -Month wise, Total Customers and Total Merchants etc. The graphical information provides insight over site activities. The orders from the site can be managed easily. The customer contact information can be maintained in the site. Blogs can also be posted on the ecommerce site to attract more customers. The entire settings of the site can be managed using the settings option. Cities, countries, categories etc can also be set by the settings. Hence Uni-eCart is an excellent choice for building a FREE ecommerce site effortlessly.

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