How to Build an Ecommerce Site Easily?

Ecommerce has taken a new outlook with the introduction of many multi merchandising platform which support sale of products, deals,and even auction under one roof. There are many ecommerce software available in the market which helps to build ecommerce site quickly. Some of the basics and features of ecommerce website building are discussed below.

The major participants of ecommerce site includes:

  • The customers who buy the products
  • The owner of the website who sell the product and collects payment
  • The ecommerce application which acts as middleman between the buyers and sellers
  • The payment gateway which handles all money transaction
  • The merchant bank account

The activities happening in the ecommerce site include:

  • Customer surfs the site catalog of product
  • Customer adds the product to the shopping cart
  • Customer buys the product and proceeds to check out
  • Payment is done via payment gateway
  • Secured shipping and payment details are provided
  • Product is shipped to the customer
  • Product returned due to various reasons and related refund details

Selling online

One should be clear on what he is going to sell online. The stock level should be maintained both for the physical store and the virtual store online. In rare cases of returned goods, the stock level should be adjusted as well as refund process should be initialized.

Ecommerce solution

The ecommerce application handles all the activities of selling and buying easily . The entire application can be viewed as front end and back end activities. On the front end users can browse and buy the products while on the back end the administrator manages entire functioning of the site.

Product catalog

The ecommerce site is mainly depended upon the handling of products on the site. The complete details of the product is maintained such as product name, cost, stock etc. The advanced features like adding discount code, video, customer review etc are also handled by the the site.

Admin dashboard

This is the main place from where the site activities are managed effectively. The site owner can login into the dashboard easily using user name and password. The dashboard provides all the information such as product handling, reports on sales, payments etc. All the basic details like language, currency, default country etc can be set in back end admin panel.

Appealing site

The layout and design of the site is very important to attract more people to increase the sales. Standard themes and templates can be used to provide enhanced site outlooks. Also, customization can be done for the site to deliver preferred appearance for the site with additional features. The text color, background, logo etc can be customized which makes the site to be unique.

Web hosting

The ecommerce site should be registered with domain name for doing the business. There are many ecommerce solution in the market which takes care of complete implementation of the ecommerce project right from domain registration till business setup. Mostly free setup is provided with meager maintenance cost. The most suitable hosting plan can be adopted.

Bank Account/Payment gateway

Each ecommerce site is associated with a bank account for legal trading. The payment gateway should be integrated for handling money transaction. There are many types of payment gateways, and one can integrate the best one that suits the type of ecommerce business established by the business owner. Some of the famous payment gateways include PayPal, Google checkout, WorldPay etc. There are basically two types of payment gateways such as hosted and inclusive. In hosted service, the customer is diverted to another site for payment transaction and later return back to the ecommerce site. But in inclusive method, the customer need not go out of the site, payment transaction is made within the site.

Data security

The customer details and payment information should be secured on the site which is handled via data encryption. An SSL certificate becomes mandatory to ensure security of the site.

For all the points discussed above,one can easily find a solution from ready-made ecommerce software which setups the business quickly and cost effectively with all the features needed for conducting ecommerce business. User can download the ecommerce software and install an error-free ecommerce website. The solution provides all the required facilities to conduct an online business cost effectively and quickly without much efforts.

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