Avoiding a Bad Experience with Mobile Commerce

Over 1.2 billion users are accessing the shopping cart through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. 63% of people are expected to do shopping using their mobile phone over the next couple of years. This has made it evident that mobile optimization is essential for the ecommerce business. Mobile responsive designs and mobile optimization has become the trend of future ecommerce. ABI research predicts that globally $119 billion goods and services will be purchased via mobile phones in 2015. Though this represents only 8% of total ecommerce market, it has revolutionary impacts on retail industry.


The fact remains that 30% of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction if the experience is not optimized for mobile. 41% mobile users have turned to competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience. 57% of users are not ready to recommend the business that has poorly designed mobile site. This shows the amount of importance given for the mobile site.


The loading time also influence the customers either to continue with the mobile site or get deviated to another provider. Facts shows that for every 100 milliseconds increase in load time decreases sales by 1%. Around 57% of mobile consumers will abandon your site if they have to wait 3 seconds for a page to download. Therefore the mobile site should be designed and managed properly for best performance.


Some of the factors to consider while developing mobile responsive website in order to avoid the bad experience for the customers are discussed below.


Watch local SEO

Local results derived for the particular search on the mobile has lots of impact on the business. The results should be very much related to the business as well as located near by the customer place. SEO or search engine optimization must be done for the particular mobile site such that good search results pop up in the search engine like Google.


Near Field Communication (NFC)

It is possible for the mobile commerce to adapt to NFC. Customized or targeted messages can be sent to the customer mobile when he enters into the NFC circle. Customers can be greeted when they enter the targeted region. Offers and promotions can be popped on the mobile which keeps the customer to be loyal to the organization.


Barcode scanning

The goods for sale can be identified with barcode while billing and can be scanned for easy billing. Introducing this feature increases the rate at which the customers are served. The mobile platform supports the bar code scanning with its camera.


Mobile payments

In order to avoid the customer’s difficulties with payment mode, different kinds of payments methods like Paypal or credit card can be supported by the mobile device which makes the mobile commerce to be user friendly.


Email marketing via mobile

Study reveals that more than 52% of 18-34 year olds have clicked through to a website from mobile email. This shows the importance of designing mobile responsive emails that fit into the mobile screen. The landing page should be optimized.


Flat responsive design

Mobiles have become the primary source for the customers to search their need for ecommerce such as buying and selling of goods. The strategy of mobile commerce has increased the demand for the flat design of site such that it is more flexible to shrink or re-arrange the items such that it is clearly visible on the different sizes of small screens of mobile.


Preference to Responsive design

People tend to shift towards mobile responsive website design rather than opting a app which takes time to locate the app in the appstore and then download it to install. On the other hand, responsive designs is simple and easy to use instantly by opening the link which makes its preferable for users.


Innovative UX

The customers can be kept engaged with the site only with user friendly UX and friendly interface. In order to avoid customer frustrations, the site design should be given priority. It should be given importance in order to avoid bad experience of the customers with poorly designed UX



The customer experience is enhanced only with the speed at which one can connect with the internet. It is favorable to connect with the customers at super fast time with minimal load time.



The responsive design has made it possible for anyone to shop at their comfort using the smartphones or tablets. All the data that are discussed above must be considered in order to build an error-free mobile responsive site. The customers may be provided with enhanced experience by implementing the above features effectively.

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