6 Ways to Sell Your Old Stocks like Hot Cake?

One of the major concern that is addressed by most of the business is ‘Old Stock.’ Businesses are continuously finding new ways to distribute their old stocks. Some of the proven methods to sell the old stocks are discussed below.

1. e-mail campaign.
One of the oldest and reliable method for promoting the old stocks is email campaign. Regular newsletter can be sent to the subscribed customer by including the details of stock sale announcement with special discount and offers. Care should be taken such that your mail is read by the end user. The email should be compelling to engage the customers when they read the mail. The user may be motivated to respond to the mail with call-to-action links.

2. SMS alert.
Mobile being one of the close companion to most of the customers, one can send SMS alerts about the stock clearance sale. The SMS can be sent to the customers at particular region nearby the stock sale venue such that results are more reasonable and motivating. People may be tempted to buy products which sounds attractive and cost effective. Discounts and offers can be announced via SMS which will never miss from the eye of the customer.

3. Mobile push notification.
The mobile users can receive push notification without even opening the application. This is very useful for promoting the stock clearance. Notification pops up on the screen with sound which may bring it to the notice of the customer. Hence your beeping messages and promotion will be most likely seen by the customers.

4. Social media site.
Now-a-days social media is dominating the business world with their ease to communicate with group of people. There are many social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, Etsy etc which has different concept to promote or share information. Businesses can rightly target the social media to spread the information of sale quickly and cost effectively since most of the social media is free for usage. The information about stock sale can be easily spread across social media which spreads information rapidly.

5. Post coupons through popular coupon sites.
Special discount or offer coupons such as group buying deals can be planned for stock clearance. It can be helpful to move stocks as bulk. These coupons can be placed on several sites such that user’s attention is grabbed. Group buying deals is one of the reliable source for stock clearance since people get huge discounts.

6. Offering loyalty programs.
Loyalty programs are one of the structured and trustworthy method for managing the clearance of stock. The trust of the people can be gained by offering them loyalty programs based on their buying behavior. People can be encouraged to spend more by providing them rewards & recognition, point based system, tier system reward, exclusive offers etc.

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