#12 Strategies to Increase Business Visibility Online

There is a huge competition prevailing in the market which makes it essential for the ecommerce sites to adapt to various strategies to mark their presence online. Some of the latest trends and strategies to increase the visibility of online business and tips to increase sales and traffic on the ecommerce website are discussed below.

1. Post 3 times a day on Facebook: Social media has become a vital source for ecommerce site to promote sales and traffic. It is true that out of sight, out of mind. Therefore,one should start posting on social media to keep the customers engaged with latest news about the product or service. You can post special offers, pictures, news, phrases etc on the Facebook which may inspire followers.

2. Understand audience: One should start posting images or text based on customer lifestyle such that the posting is useful for the audience. People like to share the content which makes relevance to them. Therefore posting inspiring messages and pictures may increase the visibility of your website and improve business.

3. Analyze competitors: A consistent analysis of the competitors can make you aware of the latest trends and strategies in the market. You can analyze on how many posts the competitors post on a day, what are the subjects covered, what special offer they provide, etc.

4. Time of post: The timing at which the post is getting maximum conversation can be noted to implement them into the site. The lifestyle of the followers and when they interact can be noted to reach the audience better. For example, 11AM to 4PM can be best time to post stories or news on Facebook. 5PM is the best time when tweets and re-tweets happens and so on.

5. Manage social network: All the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc can be managed under single roof using Hootsuite, Bufferapp etc. This helps to schedule the posts, engage the audience, and measure the ROI using the single dashboard. All the social media activities can be streamlined by this application by managing unlimited social profiles, enhances analytics, and team members.

6. Visual appeal: Pictures can be posted which reach the audience effectively. A research by Hubspot indicates that 50% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clicks are received by the visual posting which include pictures.

7. Placing icons: The social media icons can be placed on the website near the products such that user maybe motivated to click the icon to share the products or post comments . The icons can also be placed with articles or blogs or email signature line such that users are motivated to participate in social activities.

8. Call to action: The site contents may be developed with best usage of call to action buttons at right places such that user is allowed to respond to the discussed matter or content. Placing proper links at relevant places makes the content more agile to converse with the end user.

9. Power of recommendation: People tend to choose a product when it is recommended by others. 92% of customers trust recommendations from other users or family members rather than ads. 70% believe on comments and 58% believe in ads that appear in brand web.

10. Word of mouth: This is a powerful option for increasing the traffic and sales on the site.

11. Pinterest: It is one of the best social network to promote the products by placing the images on the interest boards. People who follow their choice will be directed to the ecommerce site to make a sale. Pinterest allow to repin the picture of products to grab the attention of the customers. Pinboards can be hosted on area of interest or specific to products reflecting the brand name. Pinterest represents the taste of a user as well as establishes brand. Pinterest helps to understand the user in a better way by establishing relationship with them as a follower of his interest board.

12. Prepare a Q&A: A list of invoking questions that helps to understand the products more better can be neatly charted out and presented to the user such that they participate in the Q&A (questions and answers). This strategy clears the doubt to the public as well as enhances the visibility of the product and brand. People may be convinced that they are answered and may lead to increased traffic to the site leading to increased sales.

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