#12 Essential Features of Ecommerce Site

The success of shopping cart greatly depends on the features of the site. The site should be user friendly with options to handle the products and inventory more effectively. Some of the essential features that makes the ecommerce site to shine among the customers are listed below.

1. Product image

The first impression on the site visitors is the product image. The image must be attractive to retain the customers on the site. The photo of the product is the only source for the customers to get to know about the product and its appearance. It should also be flexible such that developer could resize the image. The end user should be able to zoom the product image to view the minute details of the product more closely. The image should have good resolution to bring about clarity in the picture.

2. Product categories

The product should be placed under appropriate categories such that it is easier for the customers to locate the product. There must be categories as well as sub categories to find the product. The site visitor should easily locate the category drop down list which may be placed at the top of the page or on the side. Selecting the category should display the products relevantly.

3. Search option

The search option should be prominently visible on the site such that users can search for the desired product quickly. The result page must be able to filter great deals such that they may be easily spotted by the customers on searching.

4. Site navigation

The site navigation should be clear and intuitive. There should be good quick links back to the shopping cart. The navigation should be user friendly as well as SEO friendly. The call-to-action buttons must be prominent. Navigation should be easy with categories and subcategories. The visibility of the site should be prominent.

5. Fast checkout

Single page checkout is the most desirable option by the customers. If the process of completing a payment is lengthy then customer may abandon the site abruptly during payment process. In order to avoid abandonment ratio it is highly essential to reduce the fields of checkout form to make the process to be done with single page checkout.

6. Product reviews

Product reviews leaves an everlasting impression about the products on visitors. People believe in other’s review. Hence placing the product reviews on the website increases the probability of sales. Positive reviews enhances the product value and motivate the visitors to make a sale. There is no option available with the shopping cart to view the product lively, therefore a review about the product may be useful for the customers to get to know more about the product from its users which may help in decision making.

7. Coupons/discounts

People naturally get attracted to the ecommerce site that provides more discounts and offers. A good ecommerce site must provide multiple opportunities for the customer to avail discounts. The site that provides coupons in the same ecommerce platform that sells product increases the sales as well as attracts more traffic to the site.

8. Featured products/ Related products

The ecommerce site is made more relevant to the customers by displaying the featured products on the home page. Customer can directly buy the product that has more value with discounts and offers. At the same time, the related product suggests more option for the customer to buy similar to what he/she is looking for.

9. Product import/export

The shopping cart with option to import or export product with other application such as Facebook store or online store makes it flexible for the user with ability to transfer price, inventory, product updates etc.

10. Refund policy

This is one of the main option that is checked by the site users. The refund policy should be simple and easy to implement. Customer should find it user friendly to exchange the products or make a return using the policy. If refund is not entertained then it should be clearly specified to the customers such that no confusions take place after sales.

11. Newsletter subscription

The customers must be informed about latest products and best sellers using the email subscription. It allows to keep in touch with the customers. News and events related to the ecommerce business may be made available to the customers.

12. Social media integration

Your presence on social networking site determines your fame among the customers. It helps for branding. Integration of social media on shopping cart helps to promote the sale of the products across wide network of people which increases the probability of sale.

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