#10 Tips to Get Topics for Blogging

Blogging can be a great effort to bring in more traffic to the ecommerce site. It is helpful for SEO and contributes for ranking in search engines. Blogs add more pages to the site where each new page reflects that your site is active. It provides opportunity to create internal links with rich anchor text which link to product pages. Good contents posted regularly brings in more traffic.

Most of the time, it becomes frustrating when there is no more topics to write that may leave you baffled. This situation is faced by most of the content writers who write regularly for the ecommerce site. In order to manage this problem, few ideas to be followed by the writers are discussed below which may be useful for writing more contents easily.

#1 Hints from previous blogs

Referring older blogs can give you clues to write new topics. For example, you might have skipped few points in previous blog due to lack of time or clumsiness. You can provide those valid points as a new blog which can be interesting for the audience. Therefore, older posts can sometimes provide you newer topics to continue blogging.

#2 Refer other blogs

You can read other blogs to get an idea about the topic to write. This does not mean plagiarism. Other ecommerce blogs can give you new ideas. It may introduce you to a new topic about which you are ignorant. Multiple ecommerce issues can be analyzed for blogging.

#3 Market trend

You have to watch closely on the market trend and what people are talking about. Keeping an eye on ecommerce trends can foam new ideas for blogging. The latest news can be converted as blogs which may be more lucid for understanding by the site users.

#4 Customer queries

Your sales team can help you by providing the repeated queries that are asked by the customers. A blog can be written as an answer to the customer query which may attract more audience and bring in more traffic to the site. The blog should be written legibly such that the customer gets his clarification about his doubt.

#5 Valuable content

Explaining the basic concepts or idea of a product or service in brief can be a new way of blogging. Your content value increases based upon its simplicity to reach the audience such that even a layman can understand the concept easily. References can be taken from academic journals, trade journals etc.

#6 Social media

Today’s generation is never apart from social media. Motive to write content can be taken from social media based on customer interaction, feedbacks etc. The social media such as Facebook and Pinterest can give you hot topics to write.

#7 Share with other blogger

Idea sharing can be a thought provoking activity for blogging successfully. Discussions with other blogger can fetch you new ideas. Sharing is knowledge. It can tickle new concepts and create innovations in writing.

#8 Discuss with co-workers

The actual working concepts of the business can be more understood by discussing with other co-workers. The technical aspects of the product or service can be understood by discussing with other technical persons. Discussion with subject matter experts can give you more blogging ideas.

#9 Upcoming projects

The newer ecommerce projects can be discussed in the blogs. The upcoming projects can be discussed with the employees to sketch it as a blog which may attract the customers to visit the site to know more about the project.

#10 Popular post

Keep an eye on the blogging that has received most likes. The idea can be formed from such popular blogs. One can follow on what the audience like to read and present a blog based on the audience interest.

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