#10 Factors to Establish a Successful Ecommerce Store

Starting an ecommerce storefront has become very easy these days because of the multiple ecommerce solutions in the market which help to build the site instantly. Since there are many ecommerce software, one should be careful while selecting the right solution to build an error-free ecommerce store. Some of the factors to consider while selecting the right ecommerce software are discussed below.

#1 Own domain name

Most of the good brands in the market allows to have your own domain name. So be wise to choose the solution that is simple, affordable, easy to run, and allow one’s own domain. Free setup option is made available for most of the solution. Therefore one should look out for maximum features provided by the solution.

#2 Template customization

A good ecommerce platform will provide multiple templates to choose from a variety to furnish the site outlook. Templates help to build the site quickly from an already built basic features, design, and layout. There should be also option available for customization service to make the template re-built to one’s taste. Customization service can help you build unique storefront.

#3 Shopping cart functionalities

The shopping cart should be complete. Uploading images should not be a problem. The solution should provide multiple design templates with good user experience and check out process. Uploading products should be easy with best storefront management covering maximum functionalities inclusive of multiple payment methods and shipping/delivery.

#4 Product Hosting

The site must be able to support unlimited ecommerce hosting. It should be able to handle 2 products to 2000 products flexibly and quote shipping costs in real time basis. The storefront should have the capacity to support ‘n’ number of products with best performance of the site without any time delay in loading the images.

#5 Support multiple currency:

The shopping cart must be able to collect the payments from all over the world by supporting multiple types of currencies. This makes it flexible for the end user to make their payment in their own currency without any confusion about currency exchange. Similar to multiple language support, there should be option available for multiple currency support to make the site viable.

#6 Responsive design

The site must be developed using the mobile responsive design technique such that the contents get displayed uniformly across mobile, tabs, and web solution. The site layouts and design must be automatically adjusted to get displayed in various screen sizes without affecting the contents. End user must be able to access the ecommerce storefront via mobile front or through tablets.

#7 Simple to manage

The site must be user friendly and must be manageable without any need to understand advanced technologies. Good user experience should be enabled to build the site and start selling immediately. The site owner must be able to post the products and manage the selling easily without any technical barrier.

#8 Good support

The ecommerce site should provide customized 24/7 support which makes it very simple for the user to manage the storefront quite easily. Support must be provided at every stage of building the storefront. The site should be operable for different time zones with consistent support.

#9 Social media integration

The ecommerce store should be integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin etc to increase the traffic o the site. Option to submit reviews and rating should be provided for the customer for which it is essential to integrate the social networking sites with the ecommerce site.

#10 Secured platform

The storefront must be secured against any fraud, viruses, and scam. The site must ensure the customer for their privacy and security of their valuable data. The ecommerce solution must be able to build a fully fledged secured site that provides quality platform to manage ecommerce activity on the site.

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