Using Slideshare For Your Ecommerce Business

Slideshare is one of the best tool which gives you great advantage when it is used effectively. As per the research, it is said that slideshare receives more traffic than other social media giants like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Slideshare also gives you the option to add the links as the referral source and this gives you stunning results in traffic from slideshare.

Points To Remember While Using Slideshare For Ecommerce Business

Post content consistently

In order to find improvement in your content marketing strategy consistency is the key always. You need to update your slideshare account with many presentation as often as possible. The more you update your presenation your chance of being found by others is more. Always remember consistency is the key for your content marketing success.

Use old(existing) content

You can also use your existing content for content marketing in slideshare. You can your post which you have posted in your blog into Pdfs or PPT’s and upload them in your slideshare account.

Share Your Presentation in social networks

You can share your presentations across various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Googleplus. Slideshare has a strict social layer from which you can benefit much.

Always keep your presentations short

Many of us will not like to read long content even if it very worthy . If the content gets dragged a lot many of us will not continue reading it. So, it is better to make your content short so that users will not lose their interest in continuing the article.

Give a Visual Effect

Focus on best practises when you create presentations. Use high quality images and keep minimum text.

Add optimized Meta details

You need to add a optimized meta details to attract more traffic from search engines.

Track with Analytics

You can track your slideshare content performance through analytics. You can check the total number of viewers who viewed your slide.

Uploading Your Content To Slideshare

Register an account

You can either use your facebook or linkedin login for signing in. You can also sign up with your email address

Uploading Your Presentation

You can upload your files in the form of dosctoc, pdf and ppt to your slideshare account. You can either save the presentation for public viewing or private viewing.

Adding Metadata

After uploading your content you need to add a keyword optimized title, description and tags. It also has the option where you can check your previews as how will it appear on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

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