“Uni-eMerchant” – A Perfect Multivendor shopping cart software for your business

Today Ecommerce world is emerging top the sky. And Multi vendor shopping cart software is the one which everyone is opting for to run their own marketplace.


Multivendor shopping cart software:

Are you wondering what is meant by multivendor shopping cart?

A Multivendor shopping cart software helps to run a marketplace with multiple vendors wherein multiple vendors can sign in and sell their own products. The impressive feature of this software is the(that) shoppers can buy any products easily from any number of vendors simultaneously. Here the website admin has full control over vendors and the products that the vendors are selling. Our product “Uni-eMerchant” is one such Multivendor shopping cart software which is best selling in the market now.

Uniemerchant will dramatically change your online shopping store into powerful, robust and feature rich online shopping mall.It allows multiple merchants to link their products, deals and independant auctions through a centralised platform.Each merchant has their own login credentials to manage their product, deal, auction, sale, delivery and payment. Shoppers or customers gets equally benefited as they have individual login access to perform chekouts from multiple merchant in a single purchase.

The benefit the webmaster is going to get out of this is the ravishing commision ratio from each product, deals and auction. Search Engine optimized website helps you to market your ecommerce platform.Mobile application to improve shoppers experience, shoppers engagement, shoppers review and feedback, social sharing tools and lot more.We can definetely help you even you are not tech savy. We will help you with hostings, server maintenance, software customization and other technical support on your behalf at a small monthly payment.

We will help you to attain your desire of becoming a ecommerce gaint like amazon and ebay in no time.You will definetely get all the above features with 100% source code at a one time fee with free installation. In addition you will aslo get professional support.

You can get 3 ways of benefit with uniecommerce

1)Increased product sale for vendors

2)Increased choices of products for vendors(buyers)

3)You get stunning profit ratio automatically

Uniemerchant is the best selling multimerchant ecommerce software as it rightly satisfies the featuristic needs of ecommerce. Unimerchant helps you to build your mutimerchant ecommerce business today.

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