Types of Call-to-Action Button for an Ecommerce Site


Incorporating Call-to-Action button on an Ecommerce site is very important as call-to-action buttons prompt visitors to do something on the product page. But certain factors are to be considered to increase the conversion rate of those call-to-action buttons. If you implement the strategies properly you can get immense benefits with the help of call-to-action buttons. There are several types of call-to-action buttons for an ecommerce site as discussed below

1)Add to cart button

“Add to cart” button is a must for any ecommerce site. Generally, these buttons appear on individual product pages. The purchase of implementing Add to cart button in an ecommerce site is to make the customers to purchase the product.

2)Download button

Download buttons are more or less as same as add to cart buttons. You can suggest your designer to include more information in the download button

3)Free Trial button

Some of the ecommerce sites attract their visitors by giving free trial to their products. The free trial buttons coould be a free download or it could be a free account depending on the site.

4)Signup or Register button

Sign up buttons appear in two versions. The first type is associated with a sign up form and the second one is similar to “add to cart” buttons, to prompt the users to purchase or signup for a service before reaching the signup form.

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