How does Twitter boost your Ecommerce Business



We know the fact that Twitter almost has roughly 300 million active users. But still many of internet marketing activities or online business do not use this effective platform to enhance their online presence. Below given are the essential tips you can follow to grow your twitter followers for your Ecommerce business.

Implement Twitter Widgets on your website

If you Embed Twitter Widget in your website your website would be very interactive and it makes easier to share contents. Also You have several embed options provided by twitter such as Twitter Timeline, Tweet button, embedded tweets and twitter follow button.

Follow your customers

If a person becomes your customer by purchsing in your site you should try to follow them in all social media especially twitter . This might be another effective place to connect with your customer and build a strong bond with them.

Retweet Relevant content

If you find any relevant content in your niche you can retweet them in your Twitter timeline. So that you will be given appreciation and in turn your content will be retweeted and this might give you larger exposer.

Use Hash tags

Always use Hashtags for larger exposer. It will categorise your twwets according to your tweets. Limit the hash tags to three per tweet

 Enable Twitter Cards

Twitter cards will help you in adding photos, videos and many media experiences to your tweets and that might drive traffic to your website. There are different varieties of card including Website card and lead generation card and these cards will be used to drive traffic to your website. Twitter card is really a powerful feature and when it gets enabled in your website it shows additional information when your products was twweted by someone.

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