Top Three Best Video Hosting Services For Your Ecommerce Business


When you decide to start a eCommerce store then video marketing is also a inevitable criteria you should look after without fail. There are plenty of video hosting options you can make use of depending on the cost and ease of use. These hosting service does not only provide you with the option for hosting your videos but also gives you potion to edit your videos using different innovative tools. Below discussed are the main video hosting platform for hosting your videos.


Youtube is the largest video hosting option which is been reached by billions of unique visitors every month. Youtube reported that it has seen a repeated upload of every 100 videos for every minute. The positive side of youtube is that it is free to join. Another important benefit is it attracts billions of global visitors. So most of the companies have their youtube channel for promoting their videos. Also it gives option to edit your videos using different editing tool. So youtube is the poerful video hosting paltform to promote your videos for your business.


Vimeo is also a upcoming video hosting site but that is not as popular as youtube. But still you can consider that for hosting your videos as that is also gaining popularity now. A pro account gives you access to unlimited high end videos and also gives you access to tutorial videos on producing well effective videos for your business.


Dailymotion is also one of the video hosting site wherein users can share, upload videos by searching tags and channels. If you plan to upload your videos to dailymotion then you should keep on mind that it should not exceed more than 60 mts and its limit is 2GB. Dailymotion can be good competitor for youtube.

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