Top Elements In Improving Product Page Conversions

In every e-commerce platform there is a simple tool to allow adding of images, copy product variations if required. But this is not the same while creating a product converting page. The product description and the images are not the only ones to serve as a convencing agent for customers but there is a requirment of a proper support and trust ratio.

So how to turn a product page into search engine? Here are some aspects to do so


It is found that 67% of consumers consider the image to be important factor to determine product selection and 50% of consumers consider a high definition product photo is better than the long product descriptions.

In 2011 according to stats the inclusion of HD images has really influenced business to a great extent.

Here are number of ways to improve conversion rates through product photography.

  • Multiple angle display : Displaying products across various angles like side angles, righangeled and so on helps to bring in a clear picture of the product to the customer.
  • Different colors and styles: If you have product variants then try putting them up as this brings in a great understanding.
  • Use Models: Model of the product will make it more realistic and gives a cust glimpse of the same.


If a customer is shopping from unknown retailer then how to decide whether to trust the site or service?

 It is based on the trust points and it is found that 48% of customers pointed trust marks as a signal of site’s credibility.

Trust marks verify if the business is authentic and the website’s security. While choosing a trust mark for your site then consider these approaches:
Using a familiar brand: According to survey it is found that widely recognised logos are said to do well.

Using a logo your audience is familiar with: A survey has been found that visitors responded best to badges which is already familiar with.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping is the best determining factor for your e commerce site and it is found that 73% customers use this as the decision for buying. This is also the most popular promotional tactic used by many stores to increase their conversion rate. It is best that you offer a free shipping offer.

Clarify this on the product description page but however your customer really needs the product shipping will not stand in the way. But he/she would check out the rates of shipping before the last checkout.

Include a shipping calculator on product page and this way your customers would be informed exactly how much they need to pay to get product delievered to them. Also display the support offered on how you support your customers who have either have a problem with order or simply unhappy with purchase.

Description of the Product:

Product description is an important factor purchase and you can’t just dump the full description on them. It should ease the consumer to visualize the products, its benefits and answer questions about it.

It is more important to instill the trust factor and convince them the product is for the consumer.

Here are some guidelines to write your description:

  • It should speak directly to the buyer.
  • Highlight benefits and engage them on a emotional level.
  • Answer the customer’s questions and some of them are .
  1. How it works?

  2. What the product looks like?

  3. Will it fit me? Is it the right size?

  4. The trust aspect of the brand?

  5. Is it returnable if not liked by me?

 Online or Live Chat:

Maximum number of customers require support to complete product purchase and about 83% opted for support or live chat options.

As action speaks better than words so is the customer support. Live chat is a great tool to help your customer instantly than making them wait for 24 hours for e mail response. Instill live chat in your site and see the number of consumers coming towards you. On rectification of their issues on a faster basis, brings a smile in them, thereby happy consumers. It is found that 70% of consumers are likely to purchase your product through live chat facilities.

Offer your consumers these elements: transparency in policies, upfront with important information and the trust marks and witness the whooping up in your conversion rates.

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