Tips to Increase Email Engagement Rate for your ecommerce store

Email Engagement


In todays world competition always get higher and higher in every business. So everyone who are in the business need to follow best tactics to do a better business and email marketing is one among them. Also, just sending a mail to your subscriber list is not going to help you to do a better business. You need to nurture your subscribers in which they engage with your emails.

Subject Line

Your subject line should be in such a way that it should attract the recipients. Most of the recipients click the email because of the attractive subject line. So your subject line should be that much attractive so that recipients can click on that.

Social Sharing Options

Your email must also include social sharing buttons wherein emails that include social sharing buttons have higher click through rate. Social sharing buttons helps to spread your offers go viral. So make sure that include important social sharing buttons in your email.


Make sure that you use list segmentation in order to prevent recipients with irrelevant content or email. If you list your segment you can see that you witness more transaction and more sales.

Include Call to Action Buttons

Your email must also include call to action button. When sending an email to your recipients it is important to consider the objective of any email. If your intention is to make users to increase the subscribers of your newsletter then you must include call to action which implies to complete that action.

Use Interesting Emails

Your email must engage your audience . Your email should does not resemble a story to your audience. Use triggeres email messages so that it will be useful to your subscribers.

Analyse the result

At the end you need to analyse the result such as total emails sent , emails delivered, bounced, open rate, click through rate, unsubscribers etc.,,

With this you must also analyse your response and conversion rate. You need to keep these points in mind while creating your next campaign so that you can incur high number of conversions.

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