How To start a Shopping campaign in Adwords For Your Ecommerce Site

If you start a ecommerce business you need to invest lot of time to make your site successful. You not only need to invest time but also some money in marketing. The best investment you can do to improve your ROI is with Google Adwords. Google previously gave the advantage of PLA campaigns(Product Listing Ads) and it is now been replaced by Shopping campaigns. There are many advanced features to manage your campaigns.

Features of shopping campiagn

Below are the latest features of Adwords shopping campaign

  • Options Availablity: You can find many new options to create your campaigns from scratch or you can also use your any one of your regular product listing campaign to make your product targets, negative keywords and your content consistent.
  • Bid Simulator: Bid simulator is a tool which helps you to estimate how bid changes affects your clicks and impressions
  • Advance Retailers: If some advertiser wish to create multiple ad groups it is certainly possible with shopping cart campaigns.
  • You Can Use Custom Lables If you use shopping campaigns you have the option of using custom labels instead of Adwords labels. You can create upto 5 custom labels for your cmapaigns. You can also use bulk upload.

Set Up Your Shopping Campaigns in Easy Steps

Create a New Campaign

It is very simple to create shopping campaign. Just go to your adwords account and choose the type as shopping campaign. If you have multiple merchgant accounts you have to select merchant ID.

Create New Adgroup

After creating shopping campaign it is important to set Ad group. Always choose the option to use one adgroup and divide your products into multiple product groups depending on brands, product Ids , custom labels etc.,

Optimize Your Campaign Structure

You optimise your campaign based on the products by dividing and structuring your products.

Erase Unprofitable Products

Analyse your product performance and delete all your unprofitable products

Add Negative Keywords

You should also need to add negative keywords for each ad group separately.

Schedule Your Ads

Track your ad performance and schedule your ads accordingly.

Track necessary changes you make

Track the changes you make frequently. Increasing your bids does not increase your conversions and decreasing your bids does not decrease your conversions. Always make the habit of comparing your data and analyse the things accordingly.


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