How does Social Share Buttons Help in Ecommerce Conversions

Ecommerce industry is witnessing massive growth and it is very difficult to find a ecommerce website which lacks social sharing buttons especially facebook,Twitter, pinterest and other necessary social sharing buttons. It is a known fact that most of the ecommerce site users must atleast be a member of one social media so adding a social sharing button to your site is a significant factor.

You should take proper care in implementing these social share buttons to your site else these social share button also serve to be a distraction factor. You can do a A/B testing in implementing the social share buttons.

A recenty study shows a reverse fact a website had seen 10% more coversion rate after removing social share buttons from its page. So it is mandatory to do a A/B testing and find out which works for you

How to perfectly use social share buttons

Do not use bigger social share buttons

Always try to use small social share rather than using big social share button as bigger social share button sometimes will be more distraction

Use A/B Split testing

You can test implementing social share buttons in different places and you can analyse which works best for you.

Use reverse social media button

You can use social sharing buttons after the sale and this will encourage more shares across social sharing platforms.

Do not use button with counters

Avoid using button that count your shares unless you are sure that you get decent amount of shares

Give Priority to sales rather than social

You should never ever use social sharing buttons as a distraction factor which takes a prospectus away from the sale

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