Social Media Marketing For Ecommerce Sites

The bottlenecks that were in the usual traditional media marketing have been completely overthrown with the introduction of social media marketing over the internet. Small business owners have a reason to be happy to involve themselves in an e-commerce environment which has enormous communication prospects with the consumers.

We’ll now see the approaches as to how it’ll transpire into a better communication bridge between these two i.e., social media marketing and e-commerce sites

Daily posts on the internet

Posting daily on the social groups on a consistent manner will improve your reach to the audiences. Because there are various categories of audiences who’ll react only over a period of time even if you post on a daily basis. So, optimizing on these frequencies of posting in relation to audience response must be tested.

A study says that people use social media to entertain, pass time, to express their opinions and communicate. Taking this factor into account, companies must not engage themselves in providing information alone but give it in a manner that’ll enhance the entertainment factor along with your content.

Use Images and pictures

Communicate your message through images on facebook and twitter to attract the viewer. Nearly 50% of likes are generated due to uploading of images with the message.

It is also understood that the most influential people online are those who express themselves through blogs, personal sites etc.

Build rapport with such kind of people. Connect them through LinkedIn and twitter accounts to do business with them. You can build on from here by emailing them and create networks on a mapped scale.

Create Share buttons

Embedding social buttons on your site to marketing communications is the finest approach to grab the attention of the viewers. Most blogs and posts will have notable buttons to improve readership and sharing the articles or product pages whichever you like to promote.

The idea is to maintain social media networks as a customer interaction platform rather than a tool for increasing sales momentum.

Embark yourself on a social group

We are not talking about information and content loading but creating bite size chunks of content for easy understandability. Realize that you are going to sell an idea not marketing. Focus on niche targets instead of numbers even though there countless networks can be possible upon a social network.

You should concentrate on where your community is, search for your industry groups and connections wherever it is available online. It can be on facebook groups, forums or linkedin connection.

Do not evade any possibility of a place where you differentiate between a unknown forum and a famous facebook or twitter follows. Go to any length to fetch your audience.

Therefore, you aim must be to build an overall community online and make it a huge following for it. This will ask for combining all your online presences into a one centralized home page or a portal.

Social media is just an extension not a main communication channel

Consumers are interested in social media contacts because they think its something like their home or personal interaction platform. Here, you can’t thrust them to build business partnerships. You must be friendly and uninhibited when communicating to them. It can also be congested sometimes, so it can be skipped when seeing continuous messages. Facebook has a lot of privacy settings that can completely skip your messages from specific persons or groups or communities. Its their personal choice.

But some type of messages can spread quickly and get the attention it needs. It is peer psycology where you are just inquisitive about your friends’ or acquaintances’ posting activities. Posts also is sent through emails so that if not on facebook they get track of it through emails also.


We need a revamp of social media understanding since people have come to gauge it nicely. People will simply report or block it if they think they are disturbed online especially in social media. Therefore, use it as an amusement to the user and go with the influencial groups to gain control and command at the same time.

Its not anymore a new thing – social media is for the users , so in order to go hand in hand with the ecommerce platform exercise these procedures. And more importantly revamp!


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