Your Social Media Contacts can Win You More Mobile Commerce Sales

Way back when e-commerce was introduced, retailers found the new medium to bring in more business and sales. Study reveals that the US online retail sales are expected to hit $370 billion by 2017. Later, the mobile commerce became very user-friendly and attracted more number of sales just with few clicks on the mobile.

Why Social Mobile Commerce?

Adding more light to the mobile commerce, the introduction of social media doubled the chances of sale. It is interesting to note that, almost 20% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through social media sites. People found it very reliable and trustworthy when near and dears recommended a product on social media which led to increased sales. One of the other impeccable reason for people to believe in social mobile commerce is that they could find better prices and better values.

Social Media Influence

In 2013, 35% of the world online was influenced by social media where there were about 340 million tweets/day and one billion Facebook users. Businesses are utilizing the social media as part of their marketing strategy. Majority of about 83% use LinkedIn, 80% are Facebook and Twitter users, 61% use YouTube, 39% use Google Plus, 26% use Pinterest for promoting their mobile commerce products.

Mobile Channels for Gaining Traffic on Site

Internet shopping growth is out-pacing overall retail growth. According to a study, by 2015, it is estimated that $119 billion in goods and services will be purchased via mobile channels, both tablet and smarphones. Nearly 65% of marketers increased their social-marketing Ad budgets in 2013. Business prefer paid social ads since it targets the right audience. It increases the traffic on the site and helps to gain new customers.

Strategy Behind Social Mobile Commerce

Most reliable social media marketing strategy adopted for ecommerce websites include:

  • Understand the basic platform for why the customers seek the social media
  • The content should be shareable
  • Be in contact with the customers
  • Meet the people at community
  • Relationship should be build with social influencer

Thus, social mobile commerce plays a vital role in marketing the products across the social networking sites. Apart from the craze of mobile commerce in the market, the combination of mobile and social video is building new opportunities for marketers.

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