Social Commerce- How it is going to affect your online store?

There is quite a lot of change taking place within the online world and this scenario has also affected the e-commerce. For many years e-commerce has consistently won the attention of many shoppers thereby venturing them to start their journey online.

social commerce

 Social e-commerce has niched in bringing in online shopping another dimension. According to a survey it is found that many shoppers are utilizing social media to purchase their goodies this holiday season. More than 60% has said that they are willing to purchase through social media platforms. This is great news for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as they are extending their base by creating online store in their own platform.

 Also for retailers the social e-commerce has really played its role. From a survey it is found that 58% of users are following retailers and 30%, 41% of users are commenting or reposting the posts being put up by retailers. Not all social media are having the same stats but of the lot Facebook is leading the e-commerce influencing about 35% of users to influence purchase decision. While other numbers of 25%, 19% and 15% has come from YouTube, Pintrest and Twitter respectively.

 Many brands have been maintaining their profiles in social media platforms but has found it difficult to get the ROI but now with the help of social commerce this has been drastically reduced.

 Here are some steps for successfully competing your brand in the social platform:

  • Accessible Everywhere: In today’s world retailers are required to be accessible everywhere. You can enable users purchasing wherever they are, by allowing social commerce extension of your product offerings.

  • Personal Touch: Social Media is the platform where retailers can connect with the consumers in a great manner. Instead of sending only promotional aspects you can send out images and ideas with your brand name which brings in a personal touch and thus sharing across several groups.

  • Time is Everything: Consumers are in outreach for simplicity and on the spot action. If this is provided by your brand then it could bring in more business and most importantly the repeating ones.

 With the transformation in the behaviour of the online shoppers social media strategies will become absolutely essential. Also if consumers adapt to this newer strategies it could lead to fruitful results both in the present and in the future.

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