How to retain customers and make them to purchase more

In this ecommerce arena, everyday new businesses arises with a new concept to and apply unique tactics to acquire more new customers and retain more customers. Following are the steps that can be undertaken to acquire more customers and retain customers


Customer Accounts Acquiring

After the customer making a purchase you should generally opt a sign up form to create an account and thus you can grab their contact ID and use for future promotion. Generally filling a long form generally results the users in browsing and leaving.


Sending regular newsletter campaigns regarding special offer and on going sales is a great way to keep your customer informed about the special offers and new discounts regarding your product.

Loyalty Points

You can provide loyalty points to your regular customers so that they can ensure their continued reality. You can simply offer them a personalized discount or membership credot where they can earn 3 pts for evry purchase of 100 rs in which they can later redeem that to cash or gift voucher.

Make Use Of Social Media

Use social media to the core. Social media sites like facebook and twitter are very popular and you must use these platforms well. Follow some unique strategies to acquire more likes in facebook and followers in twitter. The people who like your page at facebook and follow you at twitter are likely to endorse your products more.

Offer Substantial Credit

Discounts are really a great way to win back the customers who are not your customers . Just give a reasonable discount like flat rs 50 off for every purchse of Rs 1000. By giving this offer customers will come back shopping in your site

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