Restaurant Technology Trends To Stay On Track

From innovating new delicacies to purchasing extraordinarily attractive bowls and plates to serve, restaurant industry is constantly looking for ways to improvise standards and sales. Customers come first in place in any business and there’s no wonder in this too. While business improvisations stands in one side, tracking business is yet another important factor to cope up in the hospitality industry.


So as it goes,

Tracking of customer base:

The old school handwritten notes to track your customers are outdated ages back and that completely agreed.  Hospitality business when checked with closer insights through the CRM- the smarter way to track. This is available in the online food ordering system. Booking tables, providing guest data and integrating with the latest POS systems. Track easily and target customers in the most perfect way.

POS in the IOS form:

From the old days, for many Food and Beverage business, POS has been core for all business. It has also evolved a lot in the recent times. It has given a user- friendly journey from reporting to segregation on the whole. Its definitely a win- win for restaurants. Just the hardware will get updated on a regular basis. Now it is a sleek hardware that the total F&B industry is trying to turn its head to. It is the IOS for POS systems.

Mobile Payments are On the go:

Important devices weren’t fitting into your pockets. That’s not the case now. Everything can be confined to a small place. Payments were first done with your wallets. Now smartphones serve as wallets. Now mobile wallets are becoming more popular and are widely used. With the integration of payment gateways it has become more convenient.

These are the most important things to note in a FoodPanda clone to stay on track. Follow the new trends that are quickly listed and tell us how your results are!

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