Restaurant Technology Trends in 2017

A new year is a beginning for new happening. In technology terms, it is time for new technology to get its place. What do restaurant customers expect from technology? They expect something that innovation, user- friendly and convenient. In a recent study conducted across 1000 dinners, some of the big changes of the industry were discussed along with the future restaurant technology. Here are 3 top trends:

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A Server Call Button:

How annoyed are we when we sit in the restaurant and wait for the waiter to come near our table or to wave a hand to them. To avoid such situations, a server call button  technology can be implemented. Every customer needs the attention of waiters till they leave the restaurant. A simple call button acts as a tool to alert waiter that you are in need of them to take new orders, ask some queries or to refill your plates.

The Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback is one of the main things involved in restaurant business. Earn a few negative feedback and your business will slowly see the low side of sales. In the age of social media, anything and everything is shared and a feedback when shared can impact your Foodpanda clone business in both positive and negative ways.

Online ordering platform:

Well, another boon that restaurant technology has acquired is the restaurant ordering system. Customer can order food in just a tap. There are numerous features that come along with the  online food ordering system. Both web and mobile platforms are helpful for customers to get along with a restaurant and be in good terms with them.

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