Prepare Yourself to be safe from Mobilegeddon with Responsive Site Design

There was a recent update in Google search algorithm and the update is to give priority to websites which are mobile-friendly. That means google will give a higher visiblity in smartphone search results for websites whose content is easily viewed and user-friendly on mobile devices.

This Update from Google is “Mobilegeddon” and we at uniecommerce make sure all the themes provided by us are mobile-friendly. Our focus is to exclusively build responsive themes helping our clients to get more out of the mobile as mobile users are drastically becoming high than desktop or laptop users.


Why Going Mobile Is Important?

You can definetely see increase in your visitors month by month to access your content from mobile device. Research says that consumers prefer mobile ovver desktop or laptop . So, it is very vital to keep your site design responsive helping consumers to access content easily through mobile.

How does Your Site Get Affected?

Google smartphone search result will outdate the websites that are not mobile friendly. So, websites that are not mobile friendly may drop rankings in mobile search results. Other than creating links and content , usablity also came to the show now.

How To Fix this Problem?

Inorder to fix this you need to make your design “responsive” to mobile devices suiting various screen sizes. After doing this find your site on google on a mobile device and look for “mobile-friendly” tag below your title in search results and if you found that then you are on the safer side as your site will not be affected.

If not just do below things,

  1. Go to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page and enter your URL and check if your site meets the requirements
  2. Also visit Google’s Page Speed Test Tool to check your site’s speed which also a key factor in determining your ranking on google.
  3. If you find any issues while analysing with the above tools try to fix that

How to Overcome Mobilegeddon?

As Google changes its search algorithm frequently its time to adhere to their new requirements else a simple change can badly affect the businesses overnight. So, make sure that you increases the user experience by making your site responsive or mobile-friendly as we at UNIECOMMERCE do


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