Latest Trends in Mobile Commerce and its impact in business

There is an increasing trend in grabbing the mobile app and technological developments that are taking place in the present market. Any type of business can be handled with the help of m-commerce such as a tablet that can help making transactions in a petrol pump store or assisting sales procurement using a mobile website– a whole lot is possible using the mobile environment!

According to Martine Reardon, Chief Marketing Officer, Macy’s, “As per Goldman Sachs & Co., mobile commerce last year was $204 billion, a number set to increase by nearly 50 percent this year and to top $415 billion in 2016 – all sales generated via smartphones and tablets. However, mobile’s impact on driving sales to retail stores is even higher, and hard to calculate but easy to recognize in its influencing potential.”

Enhancing the avenues

If the marketing leaders are keen on promoting emails on smartphone, communicating with companies through social media apps, customers anticipate comfortable network operations through the mobile devices.

Michael Kopp, technology strategist and evangelist at Compuware APM Center of Excellence, says that he sees as five top mobile-commerce trends to watch for are:

  1. “Mobile will be mainstream business and will grow to dominate client computing for e-commerce.

  2. Native mobile apps will continue to prefer by consumers over web based applications because they are more responsive. While apps may be preferred, it is a mistake for companies to ignore mobile sites however, as mobile visitors tend to be situational – when an app is available on their devices, they will use it, but they will use the mobile web when an app is not available.

  3. Windows 7 laptops will continue to dominate the workplace, and Apple will dominate the corporate tablet market. On the consumer side, it will be far more varied, with a slow steady adoption of Windows 8 on the laptop/desktop side and a fight between Apple and Google for the mobile market (tablets and phones).

  4. Personalization will grow. Your mobile device will learn your habits and predict your next move to provide you with proactive services such as providing custom menus in restaurants that exclude foods you don’t like or have allergies to.

  5. SmartTabs will do both well. Phones and smart tabs will continue to be dominant, but watch for new form factors, such as wrist devices, etc. While mobile is here to stay, the form factor will continue to evolve.

Mobile as ‘Point of Sale’ device

Retail companies have embraced the mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices for the in-store transactions with employees as well as customers. ‘Leaf’ is a POS system where their clients have taken up tablets and smartphones for their in-store orders and other purchases.

According to Drew Lewis, Leaf’s Product Marketing Manager, “Mobile POS also provides small businesses with benefits that help improve their bottom line, such as accurate business reporting, improved projections and the ability to accept nearly any type of customer payment — not to mention that they can manage their employees and access sales data using any mobile device.”

They have also tried introducing ‘mobile wallets’ which enables your smartphone to make in-store payments without your credit card/ debit card.

Using Mobile from the consumers perspective

Depending upon the mobile design, the statistics of less mobile purchases compared to a direct one will be able to shift only when the design is more responsive to the user, according to a survey.

It was found that consumers found difficulty in entering credit card information since it was hard to read and doesn’t guarantee any easy procedure, according to Seamas Egan, Manager of Revenue, Campaigner.

Conversion to mobile app

Today, small businesses have come up with their own apps themselves but the conversion rates of the consumers to the app segment have put the cost ratio in a quandrum. The rush to fill the mobile app market has grown very competitive while the performance was not linked to favorable environment in terms of sales. For eg., from the app URL, one must connect to the purpose of completing the transaction.

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How to Manage Your Ecommerce Site Speed

Holiday shopping is just falling in few weeks and it is high time for you to prepare your ecommerce site to withstand the traffic. If your site is slow to download then it may result in losing the valuable customers. Also, the page downloading time is one of the key factor that is considered for search engine rankings.

Study reveals that

  • 73% of mobile internet users say that they have encountered a website that was too slow to download
  • 51% say that they have encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error
  • 48% say that they have encountered a website that had formatting which made it difficult to read
  • 45% say that they have encountered a website that did not function as expected
  • 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less
  • 40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load

The failure of a site to load properly can affect the satisfaction level of the customers. A one second delay decreases customer satisfaction by about 16%. Also, the customer may spread the news of site loading failure to others which will cause ill effect for the ecommerce site reputation. About 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad experience online. 

With ever increasing broadband speed and 4G mobile web connection, customers demand quick loading and browsing. Customers are not ready to wait more than 3-4 seconds. Therefore some of the tips to manage the speed of the site downloading are discussed below which may be useful to make your ecommerce site to be competitive.

1. Know the speed

It is essential to know the speed at which a website gets downloaded. There are many interesting tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Yahoo’s YSlow etc., which can be useful to determine the speed of the site. Understanding the speed can help to take the necessary action.

2. Reduce HTTP requests

The HTTP requests occur when files like style sheets, images, and Javascript are to be requested from the server. Hence the server has to send the file back to the browser to load which takes time. In order to reduce these HTTP requests, sytlesheets can be combined. Elements, pictures, and scripts can be reused to avoid the browser to make a call.

3. Compress and scale image

Most of the images are too large that it takes time to load. Compressing the image with good quality can considerably speed up the site loading. The images should be scaled to fit in the required size avoiding resizing of images by server to fit on mobile screen, desktop etc.

4. CDN and hosting provider

If you host your websites on west coast while most of the users are in east coast, then considering a hosting provider proximal to the user is a wise thought. CDN or Content Delivery Network places the website files on server in many locations throughout the world such that files can be loaded from the nearest server to the customer.

5. Managing Javascript loading

Loading Javascript is relatively slower. Hence it is wise to call for the loading of CSS at top of HTML page and Javascript at the end such that it gets few milliseconds more to load complex scripts. This arrangement allows the user to view what he wants to view with priority.

6. Minification

The unnecessary characters or extra spaces and elements that are added in the webpage can be removed to reduce the file size.

CSS can be minified using the site and

Javascript can be minified using

All-in-one minifier is available with Google

7. Cache common files

Some of the elements on the site may be repeated or remain constant from page to page. Such elements can be cached by adding extra code to your site’s .htaccess file. The file name and type should be mentioned in the code along with how long the code should be cached.

8. DNS lookup

Domain Name System (DNS) also affects the speed of the site. For example, before a browser loads the site, it looks up the corresponding domain in DNS server. If there are embedded YouTube videos, a Twitter feed etc., which has to be obtained from external resources then it may slow down the page loading. Therefore external resources should be minimized.

9. PHP Accelerator

The PHP accelerators like Alternative PHP Cache (APC), XCache etc increase the speed of PHP application.

10. Avoid redirect

Each redirect triggers an HTTP request, so think if you really need a redirect. More than one redirect to reach a given resource should be avoided. It is recommend to use server side redirects when compared to client side redirects.

11. Broken links

Broken link is a hyperlink to a webpage that does not exist. It is a waste of time to load the page. Broken links can be detected using W3C’s link checker, Broken link checker for WordPress etc. 

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List of Top 5 Payment Gateways in India for Ecommerce Sites

If you enter into Ecommerce Business then Payment Gateway is one of the crucial factor to decide about. Payment gateway enables safe, secure and fast payments online. There are multiple payment gateway providers and it is really a trickly part to choose out the best in the market. You need to review, evaluate and then find out the best according to your needs.


Payzippy is one of the Payment Gateway service for Indian Merchants. They include a wide range of client list such as Babyoye, Bluestone, Makemytrip. Caratlane, Lenskart and more. They have a zero set up fees and maintenance cost which should be payed annually. Payzippy is been used by Flipkart and it created a lot of buzz in the market in the short span of time from its launch.

PayU India:

PayU india is one of the Payment Gateway service provider which is present globally in countries like Hungary, Poland, Russia, India , SouthAfrica and many others. Their customer list includes Infulential ecommerce players like Snapdeal and Jabong. They have various pricing packages and you can select one based on your needs.

CC Avenue:

CC Avenue one of the best Payment Gateway service provider in India and nearly 75% of the ecommerce owners avail their services.CCAvenue include 100 plus payment options and they also include audit and analytic features . You can integrate CCAvenue cart free if you have a website.

Citrus Pay:

Citrus Pay is one of the top Payment Gateway Service Provider started by Jitendra Gupta and Satyen Kothari with the aim of simplifying online payment. They ahve a wide lit of their customer database ranging from Airtel, Bagskart, Meru, Zivame, Esselworld, Kaya, PVR Cinemas, Healthkart etc., They have 3 types of monthly payment systems ranging from Rs 7000, Rs 10000 and Rs 15000.


Directpay operating by Timesgroup is one of the best payment gatewar service provider. They have Norten Secure security measure. They have all the useful measures required by the merchant. They have a easy integration and registration process. Account activation nearly takes 5 days after which the documents are been verified.

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How To Choose A Right Design For Your Ecommerce Store



Starting an ecommerce website is so simple and easy when compared to earlier days. You can start your ecommerce website and start selling your product within a day of launching your estore. Some owners get struck with choosing the design for their ecommerce store. One need to employ a good designer to create a good website design for your ecommerce store and this may seems a time consuming task too.

One of the quick tip to launch your site quick is you can take advantage of pre-design website themes. This may be time saving concept and you can save thousands of dollars you spent on designing your theme from scratch. There are simple and good templates available for around $60 – $70.

Tips To Choose The Right Themes

Below are some of the quick tips to choose a right theme for your ecommerce store

1)Choose the theme which is easily customizable

When you search for a theme you should also look for the customization option which allows you to easily customize the theme as per your need. Look out for a theme which supports unlimited colour combinations and unlimited background patterns from an admin panel.

2)Responsive Themes that looks great in mobiles and tablets

You must give priority for responsive theme than a normal one. You should never buy a theme which does not look great on mobile devices and tablet. Also, google have updated its algorithm stating that it prioritizes a sites which is responsive in nature.

3)Allows you to display content in flexible format

Another important thing to look out for is to display content in desired format you want. Themes will normally have some pretty cool ways to display your products or contents. Never choose the theme which does not convert your customers well.

4)Provide great technical support

Sometimes even if your theme looks great it might also have some bugs in which you require some strong technical persons to help out with. So, it will be much better if you a technical support your theme.

So, when you decide to buy a theme for your ecommerce store you also need to look whether your theme provider can give you good technical support.

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Effective Usage Of Google Plus Page For Your Ecommerce Business


Though Google plus social network may be the late comer to the social arena due to its nature of efficient platform many companies have established its market presence there.

Steps Included In Marketing Your Website Through Googleplus

Googleplus page creation

Googleplus page have a great impact on search engine results. Sometimes the content you share in googleplus page also gets ranked in search engines. Make sure whatever content you share in your webiste is also gets shared in your google plus page. Creating a google plus page is very important to get more exposure for your business.

Connect your website with the google plus page

You connect your website and your google plus page by placing a small snippet code so that you will content will appear in search results.

Apart from using snippet code you can also make use of Google plus Badge so that your users can +1 your page and follow you directlly from your website itself.

Make use of google Hangouts to connect with your customer

Google Hangouts enable interaction with customers face to face. It allows you to host a video which you share through your google plus page and youtube.

Post content consistently

You should definetely make a habit of posting your content frequently on your google plus business page. You can post any type of content such as your promotions, discounts and offers, product photos and videos, new product announcement and many more.

Start promoting your Googleplus page

You should also start promoting your google plus page in various page such as you include your google plus page in your emailsignatures, you can add +1 button in product pages etc.,

Interact with people

You should interact with people to get more followers. The more you interact with your followers like resharing their content, commenting on your posts, replying them back will yield lot of followers to your business page.

Create a google plus community

Joining in communities which have many memebers will you many followers to your business page. You can also share your content in google plus communities but make sure that you share only relevant content in groups as if you share irrelevant content in communities you might get banned from posting content to google plus page.

Track your google plus activity through analytics

You can track the performance of your google plus page with the help of analytics tool.

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Top Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages To Increase Conversions

product page conversion


Whatever business if anyone starts the main Motto will be of making profits with that. The same applies to Ecommerce business also. You need to get lot of sales conversions in your Ecommerce business website to achieve sucess. So your product page plays a vital role in making more conversions for your business. So you need to concentrate more on your product page by optimizing it well. There are many factors involved in optimizing your product page. Let us discuss those factors one after other on optimizing your product page to end up with more number of conversions.

Strategies To Optimize Your Product Pages To Increase Conversions


1)Use High Quality Images

We should always keep in mind that whenever a user lands on any shopping site he or she cannot touch and feel the product. So, obviously they might have a bit of uncomfortablity to buy the product online. Its your duty to make them feel comfortable to buy in your site by posting high quality images in different angles. Keep yourself in the customers perception and post the images in all the angles with zoom effect.


2) Optimize Your Images

Apart from adding high quality videos you should also need to optimize your Images well to rank them on search engines. Add necessary tags to your Images such as “ALT” Tag and “Title” Tag as Image optimization plays a key role in SEO perception.


3) Product Descriptions

You should make sure that you also include product descriptions without fail. Products with proper descriptions and review stands out from the crowd in search engine results page. Whenever you add a product description you maje sure that you only add unique product decription and not the duplicate one. If you add duplicate descriptions the your site might get deindexed from search results page.


4) Call To Actions

You should also incorporate necessary “Call To Actions” in your product page for more conversions. Include “buy now” button corresponding to your Image so that the customet can make an easy access.


5) Add Videos To Your Product Pages

Finally, Videos also play a necessary role in making more conversions. Videos helps to reduce your bounce rate by allowing your customer to stay long in your site. Also, a customer can highly satisfied with your product by watching your video. Definetely, videos has the power to enrich your site.


You can upload your video in your product page itself. Apart from upoading video in product pages you can also upload your videos in many video hosting sites like youtube, vimeo etc. Follow some video marketing startegies and you are sure to get more conversions through your product videos.

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Things To Avoid In Setting Up An Ecommerce Site


As we are running in the competitive era , increasing your profit by growing your business requires a lot of work and well planning strategy. You need to look up the following factors which you have to avoid compulsarily when setting up an ecommerce store.

1)Avoid complicated checkout process

You should definitely avoid complicated checkout process as many customers will definitely avoid the checkout process which is very complicated. In addition, you should not ask too many information which your customers will not like , make sure that you ask only necessary information.

2)Avoid using Bad Payment Gateway

Use a reliabe Payment gateway which is very secure and verified

3)Dont overload with information

Always make sure that site is very simple without too many designs

4)Lack of Product Information

Use Product description without fail. Use unique product description and ensure that you add necesaary details in the product information.

5)Lack of Return Policies

Your site should have proper return policies as your customers could not be able to feel the products in hand. It is mantory to have the return policy.

6)Lack of securing your site

You must definetely secure your site by buying a SSL certificate as you will be capturing your customers details directly in your site.

7)Lack of products on home page

Your home page is the index of your sales. Make sure that your home page consists of lot of products as this is the page which is first seen by your visitor. Promote the top offers and top selling products in the home page.

8)Slow loading

Normally Ecommerce sites consists of lot of products so it does contain heavy files to load but inspite of this you must ensure that your site loads very fast. Slow loading sites will always be an negative impact in driving sales.

9)Not doing proper SEO

SEO is very important to gain search engine rankings. Make sure that your site ranks for multiple keywords in decent position in SERP. Search engines is the high source of traffic so doing proper SEO is very important to get long term traffic through search engines

10)Cross selling

Cross selling is a must to increase your sales volume. When a customer decides to buy your product he might also be interested in some other products. For example, if a customer comes to buy a mobile phone after buying a mobile phone he might also look for mobile accessories for his phone like mobile cover, scratch card etc., so make sure that you also list related products

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6 Powerful Tips For A Perfect Product Page

In order to suceed in any ecommerce business you need to have a powerful product pages. You will never get any sales conversion if you have poor product pages. Besides helping you with getting higher page conversions they also help you with climbing higher page rankings. Other than driving sales and attracting traffic for a particular product there are various factors involved in the development of a ecommerce product page.

Tip 1 : Product Images

You should defintely should not under estimate product images you need to upload top quality photos to your product page. Make sure that you upload only high dimentional images to your page. Also consider uploading your product photos in different angles. Always consider yourself as a buyer and imagine your decision of purchasing the product. Just Imagine how would you like to view the product before buying the same and upload the photos which was taken in necessary angles.

Tip 2 : User Reviews

One of the most important sales driver is the user reviews and it should be treated very seriously. Most of the ecommerce buyers check user reviews before buying a product. Even Amazon is making the most of this concept of user review. Almost 70% of the people check the reviews before making a decision. So, user reviews is one of the most important factor in driving sales.

Tip 3 : Demo Videos

Demo videos are really necessary because they can give the clear insight on the product. Customer seems to take out a satisfactory decision after seeing the product videos. So, it is mandatory to upload the product images.

Tip 4: Return Policy

You should provide clear info on your delivery and return policy as many customers will be looking mainly for the return policy.

Tip 5: Sales Copy/Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are also one of the main factor for a powerful product page. Your product description shoud be very unique and stand out acting as a sales copy.

Tip 6: LiveChat

Livechat is very necessary to run a prominent ecommerce business online. You should provide it 24/7 support. As customer will be having lot of queries regarding your product before buying so you should definetely solve those by providing excellent customer support.

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Top Elements In Improving Product Page Conversions

In every e-commerce platform there is a simple tool to allow adding of images, copy product variations if required. But this is not the same while creating a product converting page. The product description and the images are not the only ones to serve as a convencing agent for customers but there is a requirment of a proper support and trust ratio.

So how to turn a product page into search engine? Here are some aspects to do so


It is found that 67% of consumers consider the image to be important factor to determine product selection and 50% of consumers consider a high definition product photo is better than the long product descriptions.

In 2011 according to stats the inclusion of HD images has really influenced business to a great extent.

Here are number of ways to improve conversion rates through product photography.

  • Multiple angle display : Displaying products across various angles like side angles, righangeled and so on helps to bring in a clear picture of the product to the customer.
  • Different colors and styles: If you have product variants then try putting them up as this brings in a great understanding.
  • Use Models: Model of the product will make it more realistic and gives a cust glimpse of the same.


If a customer is shopping from unknown retailer then how to decide whether to trust the site or service?

 It is based on the trust points and it is found that 48% of customers pointed trust marks as a signal of site’s credibility.

Trust marks verify if the business is authentic and the website’s security. While choosing a trust mark for your site then consider these approaches:
Using a familiar brand: According to survey it is found that widely recognised logos are said to do well.

Using a logo your audience is familiar with: A survey has been found that visitors responded best to badges which is already familiar with.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping is the best determining factor for your e commerce site and it is found that 73% customers use this as the decision for buying. This is also the most popular promotional tactic used by many stores to increase their conversion rate. It is best that you offer a free shipping offer.

Clarify this on the product description page but however your customer really needs the product shipping will not stand in the way. But he/she would check out the rates of shipping before the last checkout.

Include a shipping calculator on product page and this way your customers would be informed exactly how much they need to pay to get product delievered to them. Also display the support offered on how you support your customers who have either have a problem with order or simply unhappy with purchase.

Description of the Product:

Product description is an important factor purchase and you can’t just dump the full description on them. It should ease the consumer to visualize the products, its benefits and answer questions about it.

It is more important to instill the trust factor and convince them the product is for the consumer.

Here are some guidelines to write your description:

  • It should speak directly to the buyer.
  • Highlight benefits and engage them on a emotional level.
  • Answer the customer’s questions and some of them are .
  1. How it works?

  2. What the product looks like?

  3. Will it fit me? Is it the right size?

  4. The trust aspect of the brand?

  5. Is it returnable if not liked by me?

 Online or Live Chat:

Maximum number of customers require support to complete product purchase and about 83% opted for support or live chat options.

As action speaks better than words so is the customer support. Live chat is a great tool to help your customer instantly than making them wait for 24 hours for e mail response. Instill live chat in your site and see the number of consumers coming towards you. On rectification of their issues on a faster basis, brings a smile in them, thereby happy consumers. It is found that 70% of consumers are likely to purchase your product through live chat facilities.

Offer your consumers these elements: transparency in policies, upfront with important information and the trust marks and witness the whooping up in your conversion rates.

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Using Slideshare For Your Ecommerce Business

Slideshare is one of the best tool which gives you great advantage when it is used effectively. As per the research, it is said that slideshare receives more traffic than other social media giants like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Slideshare also gives you the option to add the links as the referral source and this gives you stunning results in traffic from slideshare.

Points To Remember While Using Slideshare For Ecommerce Business

Post content consistently

In order to find improvement in your content marketing strategy consistency is the key always. You need to update your slideshare account with many presentation as often as possible. The more you update your presenation your chance of being found by others is more. Always remember consistency is the key for your content marketing success.

Use old(existing) content

You can also use your existing content for content marketing in slideshare. You can your post which you have posted in your blog into Pdfs or PPT’s and upload them in your slideshare account.

Share Your Presentation in social networks

You can share your presentations across various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Googleplus. Slideshare has a strict social layer from which you can benefit much.

Always keep your presentations short

Many of us will not like to read long content even if it very worthy . If the content gets dragged a lot many of us will not continue reading it. So, it is better to make your content short so that users will not lose their interest in continuing the article.

Give a Visual Effect

Focus on best practises when you create presentations. Use high quality images and keep minimum text.

Add optimized Meta details

You need to add a optimized meta details to attract more traffic from search engines.

Track with Analytics

You can track your slideshare content performance through analytics. You can check the total number of viewers who viewed your slide.

Uploading Your Content To Slideshare

Register an account

You can either use your facebook or linkedin login for signing in. You can also sign up with your email address

Uploading Your Presentation

You can upload your files in the form of dosctoc, pdf and ppt to your slideshare account. You can either save the presentation for public viewing or private viewing.

Adding Metadata

After uploading your content you need to add a keyword optimized title, description and tags. It also has the option where you can check your previews as how will it appear on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

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