5 Excitefull Strategies To Retain Customers For Your Online Store

After setting up an online store care need to be taken to bring in more customers to the store. The best part is to retain back your customers to do more business with us. Customer retention is very necessary for any type of business no matter if its an online or offline business.

Customer Retention

How to get back your customers to do more business with you?


1)Build your customer accounts


In addition to guest checkout option it is wise to ask the first time customer to sign up for an account after he/she made the purchase. So that you can collect the email details and use them for to let them know about the offers or deals you introduce in future.


2)Give customers loyalty benefits


You need to provide your customers loyalty benefits if they shop regularly. You can give them points for evry purchase which can be redemmed later either through gift vouchers or cash.


3)Send Newsletter Regularly


You must definetely send newsletters to your customers abou the special offers or ongoing sales to increase the chances of more sales. Send your customer a detailed email about the offer with the respective link to it.


4)Utilize Social Media To The Core


Make use of social media sites like twitter, google plus, facebook etc as these social networks gained popularity in India as well. Just take advantage of these social media channels and post regularly or multiple times a day to promote your deals, offers etc., If you do this there is really higher chance of your brand visiblity.


5)Treat Your Customers As A Special One


As you have your customers detail you can just send small gifts on special occasions or on their birthdays to give them a personalized touch and makes them to shop more on your site.

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Insightful Tips To Get More Visitors and Sales For Your Ecommerce Site

Everyone who start a ecommerce website desires to get a lot of traffic to their ecommerce store. But only few of them are achieving it and few fails to get their desire fulfilled. But concentrating on increasing your visitors is the major part and below are the steps which you should consider in order to increase your visitors .

Quick Ways To Increase Your Ecommerce Store Visitors

Social Media :

Make use of power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin , Pinterest and Instagram.

These social networking sites are more powerful in driving free and quick traffic to your business. It is very much mandatory to build a good business pages in the above networks and start marketing it effectively. Each social media channels have its own marketing technique to get huge results out of it.

YouTube Marketing :

One should never avoid the presence on youtube as youtube is the second largest search engine next to google. You must create a channel on youtube and start publishing short product videos and link that video to your product page.

Article Marketing :

Article Marketing is not dead but you need to take care on submitting your article to quality directories. There are many quality article submission sites. Kindly do submit your link in those quality sites only.

Submit Press releases :

If you provide any new service kindly write a press release about that and spread online. Even if you find that you crossed an important milestone you just write a press release about that. Find good Pr and quality press release site and distribute your content eventually.

Create Blog and Do Content Marketing :

Creating a blog for your ecommerce site is equally important in increasing your ecommerce traffic. Distribute your content across various channels effectively.

Social Bookmarking

Make use of Social Bookmarking sites like Stumble upon, Digg, Delicious etc. Social bookmarking is of a great source in driving traffic to the website

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Exclusive Things You Need To Know For Starting An Online Store

Would you wish to sell products online?

You might wish to sell products online but if you are a starter you will definetely worry about most of the important things involved in the business.

As a starter everyone who enters into ecommerce business will be bit fishy about the technical terms involved such as domain name, hosting , payment gateway, shipping gateway etc.,

Your Basic Requirements For Selling Online

First and fore most is the technology part which deals with your website, dashboard and back end operation.

1)Marketing Part which involves SEO and other stuffs to bring in more customers

2)Payment Part like how would you accept the payment on which mode


4)How to receive Cash On Delivery


Choosing A Domain name and Hosting Space

You must choose a good brand name for our business and that is your domain and choose a web hosting companies and host your domains. Design your website in such a way that attracts lot of visitors to your site.

Hire A Marketing Expert

You need to hire an expert for marketing to carry out marketing activities for you. You should focus on promoting your site to bring in more customers for your site

Choose A Payment Gateway

You must choose a payment gateway as per your needs. There are numerous payment gateway exist such as PayU, CCavenue, EBS, Directpay, Paypal etc.,

The charges levied by these payment gateway are different from each other you need to choose the best among the vast available depending on the tax and other stuffs.

Choose A Shipping Gateway

Last part is you must concentrate on shipping your products (Logistics). There are several logitsics provider available and you can tie up with them for quick delivery of your product.

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Best Classified Ad Websites In India

Buy sell market places arose a lot in India allowing you to post anything which you need to sell online right from electronics to property. The advertisements which you post in such classifieds sites are very much cost effective and yield to huge benefits.



Almost everyone in India is familiar about OLX which allows you to post an ad on anything you want to sell or buy. They even run a very big promotional ads on TV and newspapers. They also have a mobile app for the comfortablity of mobile users. OLX have its own place in India and it attracts millions of visitors every month.


Quikr is also a well known classified website in India. It also allows you to post anything you like from electronics, propert or matrimony etc.,Quikr also attracts tons of visitors every month and makes big money.


Click.in is also a popular classified website in India . Apart from provoding buy and sell stuffs it also provides a seperate section even for jobs where job seekers benefit from. Click.in also makes big money with tons of monthly visits to their website.


Sulekha is yet another classified website in India. It was founded by satya prabhakar. It has many subdomains providing you enter ads for jobs, business, real estate etc., It does run all type of ads eccept matrimonial.


ClickIndia is also a popular Indian Classified websites where you can post ads to sell or buy things of any range right from mobiles, laptops, bikes, car , property etc., This classified also have a unique place in India and earns in millions.

 Final Words:

Buy sell Marketplaces thrive a unique place and it is one of the excellent earning oppurtunity. Do you wish to start a Buy-sell platforms like the above giants. We would definetely help you in fulfilling your dream of developing a Buy sell marketplace.

Just Check out Uniesocial which helps you to build your own marketplace with less effort.

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Top 5 Interesting Indian Concept Stores

There are some amazing concept stores exist in India by giving extrepreneurs a chance to showcase their designers. The Entrepreneurs of these concept stores brought over the artists altogether from the globe and showcased them at one place for the world to admire on.

Let us see some of the amazing concept stores below


Alter Ego:

Alter Ego offers crazy and trendy creations for us to look lively and trendy. They are fond of change so they change their collection frequently so that our wardrobe never look dull before.


100 Feet :

100 feet is the boutique restaurant in bangalore with the finest collections. It is noted well for its ambience where you can shop and dine together.


Axis Books :

Axis books is the place where you can shop everything from books, stationary and corporate gifts . It also serves as a marketplace where designers can sell their products

3F designs :

The vision of 3F design is to create a fun filled and stress free environment. They offer innovative and functional home accessories at affordable prices.

AA Living :

AA Living offers high quality bed and bath accessories. They have products of innovative design, lasting value as per the taste of modern individuals.


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How to find best time to tweet on twitter to get more retweets

We all are aware about how important making our presence on twitter. Everyone who start a twitter profile wish to increase twitter followers especially for business. One of the key factor in increasing twitter follower is also the best time to tweet to increase maximum visiblity. We can also tweet multiple times which helps people in all locations to find or read our tweets. But it can be further simplified if we follow the right time to tweet instead of tweeting the post multiple times.



BufferApp helps you to connect and manage all your social media profiles and manage them at one place. It helps you to schedule tweets. If you need to further analyse your tweet then you need to sign up for premium account. It also helps you to find best time to tweet so that you can find more exposure to your tweets . After finding perfect time for your tweets you can schedule your tweets for that particular timing.


Tweroid is another tool which analyses your last 1000 followers and generate the report. If you check out the report of Tweroid you can see the graph showing timing when your followers mostly come online and post tweets. If you need to avail the complete benefit of Tweroid then you need to opt for premium account as the free subscription have some limitations. Inspite of its free subscription limitations it can help a lot to find best time to tweet in order to get maximum exposure to our tweets.

Social Bro

Social Bro is also another tool to find best time to tweet to get more exposure. It delivers the report based on your last 100 followers with a detailed information. Apart from giving the detailed information about your followers, you can also get the information on what your followers are mostly talking about. Its report shows when your followers are online, and top hashtags which is used by your followers.

Final Words

Hope these Twitter tools help you to find best time to tweet.  Make use of these three twitter tools and tweet on best time and increase your twitter followers and increase your retweets.

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Increase Twitter Followers For Your Ecommerce Business with this Amazing Twitter Tools

Everyone aims to run a successful business and to do a successful business social media tools play a prominent rule and this includes twitter too as it is been used by millions of people in a fraction of second. So using twitter wisely and effectively becomes very important to run a successful business.

Increasing followers on twitter is highly important but at sometimes we might also end up with lots of spam on our timeline if you do not follow like-mined people. So, here goes a discussion of two twitter tools to follow like minded people in twitter.


Twitter Tools To Follow Users Of Same Interest


Wefollow is a great tool which helps us to find industry leaders in our niche so that we can follow them. In other way it also helps us to increase our followers list as we can list ourself under a category so that it will be easy for the people in the same category to follow us back.


Twellow is the place where we can find twitter users of same interest . Twellow also have some advanced functionalities which helps us to find twitter users even geographically. Find users and visit their profile pages on twitter and decide whether they are worth following.

Twellow is exactly the “twitter yellow pages” with hundereds of categories. Its function is to grab publicly available messages in twitter and narrow down the users according to the categories.

Final Words 

Hope you can make use of these great tools to find like minded people of your interest and increase your twitter followers.

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Prepare Yourself to be safe from Mobilegeddon with Responsive Site Design

There was a recent update in Google search algorithm and the update is to give priority to websites which are mobile-friendly. That means google will give a higher visiblity in smartphone search results for websites whose content is easily viewed and user-friendly on mobile devices.

This Update from Google is “Mobilegeddon” and we at uniecommerce make sure all the themes provided by us are mobile-friendly. Our focus is to exclusively build responsive themes helping our clients to get more out of the mobile as mobile users are drastically becoming high than desktop or laptop users.


Why Going Mobile Is Important?

You can definetely see increase in your visitors month by month to access your content from mobile device. Research says that consumers prefer mobile ovver desktop or laptop . So, it is very vital to keep your site design responsive helping consumers to access content easily through mobile.

How does Your Site Get Affected?

Google smartphone search result will outdate the websites that are not mobile friendly. So, websites that are not mobile friendly may drop rankings in mobile search results. Other than creating links and content , usablity also came to the show now.

How To Fix this Problem?

Inorder to fix this you need to make your design “responsive” to mobile devices suiting various screen sizes. After doing this find your site on google on a mobile device and look for “mobile-friendly” tag below your title in search results and if you found that then you are on the safer side as your site will not be affected.

If not just do below things,

  1. Go to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page and enter your URL and check if your site meets the requirements
  2. Also visit Google’s Page Speed Test Tool to check your site’s speed which also a key factor in determining your ranking on google.
  3. If you find any issues while analysing with the above tools try to fix that

How to Overcome Mobilegeddon?

As Google changes its search algorithm frequently its time to adhere to their new requirements else a simple change can badly affect the businesses overnight. So, make sure that you increases the user experience by making your site responsive or mobile-friendly as we at UNIECOMMERCE do


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10 Inspiring Ways to get more Facebook like for your Ecommerce Business Page

Every business need a facebook page in order to build their brand eventually. Gaining more businesses through facebook depends upon the type of business. Objectives differ from brand to brand but regardless of the objective you need to build a big community to your facebook first which is very necessary.

In this post let us see on how to gain a community in other words this article explains you the method of gaining more likes to your facebook page. More likes gives your page more exposure.

How to Get More Likes To Your Facebook Page

Gain Facebook LIkes

1)Complete Your Facebook Profile With Enough Information

First step is to complete the facebook profile page with the necessary information by writing a catchy description so that people can understand who are you and what you provide. As your facebook page is the first thing people will check when they come to visit you so you must keep that more attractive .


2)Include Facebook Widgets (Like Boxes) in your Webiste

Have a habit of including facebook like boxes in the website so that it will be very easy for the people to like the fanpage from the webiste itself. There are many social plugins available which you can make use of in your website to gain more likes.


3)Keep on inviting existing contact to like your fan page

After creating the brand page, the next step is to send invitations to your existing contacts to like your page. Dont overdo it as some might get irritated too.


4)Find what interest your community

Find the taste of your community and analyse what interests them. This is easily possible to find their interest through facebook graph search.


5)Cross promote the link on various online channels

You need to cross promote your facebook page among various online channels and this includes social bookmarking sites, other social media channels and many more whatever you have the option to upload the link.


6)Use Facebook Ads

You can also run facebook ads which is one of the great way to increase the likes. Inorder to get more from your facebook ads, you can target your communities interest and location. You need to experiment with different types of ads to find out which works best for you.


7)Engage with the Community

You should always engage with the community such as posting answers to their questions, try to be very interactive with your community.


8)Be Active

Dont be too idle and always post something new related to your niche . The more active you are on your business page will get you more likes on your page.


9)Publish Engaging Contents

Make a habit of publishing engaging content which always keep your community engaged in your facebook business page.



You can run a giveaway or any contest . While creating contest make sure that it is easy for the audience to participate. Promote the contest through your facebook ad and this results in many new likes to your facebook page.

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“Uniecommerce” a pioneer in providing eCommerce software, after several accomplishments proudly entering into 8th year. We thanks all our employees who supported over the years and helping us to achieve this milestone.


To honour all our employees on this proud moment, we booked over a beautiful resort surrounded by natural sceneries  to celebrate our anniversary function. All our employees gathered there with a lot of involvements and enthusiasm.


The function started with lightening the lamp, thereby followed by fun activities. We had lot of cultural activities where our employees actively participated and entertained everyone.


We always treat our employees as a backbone of our success and achievements. So, in order to boost our employees morale we spotted some of our best performed employees and provided trophies to all the best performers as a commemorative token of our gratitude for their dedicated service.


We look forward for continued progress in our services with our continued support of our employees and we would definitely be the best in providing the new revolution in eCommerce software.



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