Start Selling Online This Black Friday By Creating an Online Store

Black Friday Offer- Uniecommerce

Just a month is left for Christmas and many people are almost set up with the festive mood. Many retailers are making use of this by aiding the people to make this festive season a great one by bringing the best offers for all their products. Black Friday is just the beginning for this and you could find many online shopping carts coming up with their own set of ideas to grab the attention of the people and in turn multiplying their sales.

Almost all products are given up with the discount rates and it is definitely turning out to be a great shopping event. Most of the sales for this takes place online and this year it is expected to rise 28% more than the previous one.

How this can help you?

If you are a small retailer then it is best that you create an online shopping cart store for your business. Online carts helps you to list all your products in a proper manner and lets your viewer to shop the ones of their liking. You can also add different sub pages for each product, thereby providing an option to add more ones in the same category.

Provide Offers:

Like any other online store you can also provide offers for Black Friday. This serves a dual purpose for generating traffic as well making a conversion. But the major success in online store has come in dealing with multiple products similar to amazon, ebay and so on. Today the scenario of people is to shop multiple products at the same time. Hence it is better to create a multi vendor shopping cart which lets you to manage multiple vendors, products at the same time. Provide offers which catches the attention of your viewers.

Social Media:

After creating your online store and providing offers it is best that you bring in more awareness. This is possible through the social media as many viewers are connected here. Displaying your offers in a neat legible way is sure to capture their attention.

Well these are the best means for selling your stuff online this Black Friday.

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5 Sure Fire Ways To Use Slideshare For Content Marketing

Slideshare is one of the unavoidable channel for marketing your content. Whenever you need to market your business digitally you should never ever forget or leverage the power of Slideshare as it receives million visitors every month. You are allowed to share anything like PDF, Docs or PPT in Slideshare. Slideshare impressed so many corporate professionals as they go through it to gain knowledge on any thing they need. You can use the slideshare at ease and moreover you can

Slideshare Sharing Guide

First you need to decide on the number of slides

Use attractive images as Images speaks a lot than words

Choose an appealing font

Keep your words short

Optimizing Slideshare To Get More Traffic

File name

Use your keywords for your file name as it increases your organic reach


Also in description you can use your target keywords


As like other social media you need to use hash tags for slideshares too


Choose a right category for your PPT

Clickable Links

You can also use clickable links in your PPT

Sharing Links

Finally you need to set up your PPT for sharing. Make it easier fro your users to share it


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Over the years technology has advanced part by part and people started to use  those technologies rapidly. The only connecting media for end to end customers is mainly mobile communication and networking. From a small scale business industries to a MNC each have their own domain and mobile applications to attract customers.

Mobile applications brings business relationship within the organization and as well as customer relationship with each and every customers. When speaking about mobile application to improve business techniques, the first and the foremost mobile apps which strikes our mind is “food panda” which is a absolute customer attracting application the developers bring more offers and hi-fi food delivery to the end customers to which end users get attracted towards those kind of communication.

Another approach made by one of the leading online trading company name Flipkart enables daily offers and deals to increase the business profit and mobile traffic. The organization is planning to stop it’s online trading through internet in order to develop the business through mobile application trading. Many organization like Amazon, Mcent, Walmart makes profit and business deals with the help of mobile applications.

Customers sit at home and make use of those facilities which are given to them in the form of mobile and tablets. In USA 99% of the area is facilitated with 4G LTE technology for quality data surfing and communication which automatically increases the business growth and develops the country revenue.

There is a lot of hype around the business market and the buyers . The best application sustains in the market and makes business. Few important factors that triggers the business developers and organizations to make profit are as follows,

1.Accurate information about the products.

2. Real time data and updates.

3. Better client service

4. Handy operation to avoid flaws.

5. Customer integrity.

Back end developers of should mitigate all the errors and should meet the client expectations with innovative applications. Frequent updating is essential to fulfill the customer needs.

Smooth navigation and hassle free operation increases the business. Recent researches and study tells that mobile users in western countries spends half a day on mobile device to purchase goods. These trends shows rapid growth in business profit through mobile applications.

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Importance of Mobile Apps For Business

In Todays Life Mobile devices are much important and they change the way the businesses work. The percentage of traffic from mobile devices accounts to around 25% of total internet traffic and it is really important for any businesses out there. As per the recent research the mobile app market reached close to $30 billion in revenue .

mobile apps

Below are the Importance of Mobile Apps For Business

Mobile Apps helps you in building loyalty

Brand Reinforcement

Exposure can be increased

Your Visiblity can be increased

Customer Proximity

Build Creditablity

Increase your revenue

Important Features OF Mobile App

Allow Customization

You should defintely consider the fact that users should feel comfort using your app. Your app should allow the users to alter the application the way they want

Social Integration

Social Media Integrity is also a necessary factor for every mobile application

Eliminate Clicks

You should try to eliminate unnecessary clicks by asking minimum amount of information from the user

Include Analytics

Tracking and analysing your users behaviour is also an important feature which you need to consider with your mobile app

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How to retain customers and make them to purchase more

In this ecommerce arena, everyday new businesses arises with a new concept to and apply unique tactics to acquire more new customers and retain more customers. Following are the steps that can be undertaken to acquire more customers and retain customers


Customer Accounts Acquiring

After the customer making a purchase you should generally opt a sign up form to create an account and thus you can grab their contact ID and use for future promotion. Generally filling a long form generally results the users in browsing and leaving.


Sending regular newsletter campaigns regarding special offer and on going sales is a great way to keep your customer informed about the special offers and new discounts regarding your product.

Loyalty Points

You can provide loyalty points to your regular customers so that they can ensure their continued reality. You can simply offer them a personalized discount or membership credot where they can earn 3 pts for evry purchase of 100 rs in which they can later redeem that to cash or gift voucher.

Make Use Of Social Media

Use social media to the core. Social media sites like facebook and twitter are very popular and you must use these platforms well. Follow some unique strategies to acquire more likes in facebook and followers in twitter. The people who like your page at facebook and follow you at twitter are likely to endorse your products more.

Offer Substantial Credit

Discounts are really a great way to win back the customers who are not your customers . Just give a reasonable discount like flat rs 50 off for every purchse of Rs 1000. By giving this offer customers will come back shopping in your site

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How To Get Funding For Your Ecommerce Business

You might have a brilliant business idea but you will be able to execute it without proper funds for your business. Everyone might not possess wealth to fund their business so that kind of business can take up below ideas which gives you better ways to fund for your business.

Seed Funding:

Seed funding is list of investors from top companies providing investment for startups. You must explain your idea properly with the profit pattern to benefit getting fund from seed funding investors.


Crowdfunding is a new concept in funding. Its like if you cannot find a single investor who can fund for your business then you can get bunch of them . But you should be good at explaining your idea to a mass of people through videos and blogs. There are also certain websites like go and many more where you can find investors but these sites will charge you a normal proportion.

Family and Friends:

You can also disclose your idea to your friends and family to get funding from them. Its really a hassle free way to get quick investment for your business. You call be on a bit more comfort zone if the investor is your family or friend.

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On page Optimization For An Ecommerce Site

Once if you enter into Ecommerce business and set up your site you main objective should be bringing more traffic to your site and this can be obtained by optimizing your site better for SEO.


Below are some of the Onpage checklist for your Ecommerce Site


Meta Tags : (Title, Description, Keywords) :

Meta tags are important for any kind of ecommerce websites. Best practise is to include your keywords in Meta tag both in descriptions and keywords.


URL Optimization :

You should have SEO friendly URLs so that google can better understand about your pages.


Alt tag for Images :

Image optimization is also a important part in optimizing the website. You should save the Images with keywords included and also include alt tags for Images as google can read it better.


Product Descriptions :

You should have a product descriptions without fail for all products and it should not contain any duplications. You can have unique product descriptions instead of copying it from other sites


Breadcrumbs :

You should always interlink your page from one page to other. Always you can have a link to your homepage from all your inner page


Header Tags :

Include Header tags like H1, H2 and H3


XML Sitemap :

Include a XML sitemap for all your products so that google can easily crawl your products fast as possible.


Page Loading Time :

You can increase the converison of your page only if you can reduce your page load timing.


Robots.txt :

Include a robots.txt and instruct google what not to be crawled. You might have some restrictions about certain pages and you might not want those to be crawled by google.


Social Sharing Buttons :

You should have social sharing signals so that users can easily share the necessary things througgh their social platforms.


Adding a Blog :

You should definetely add a blog and try adding content frequently to it. Having a blog and updating content frequently will increase your ranking in google SERP.


Product Reviews :

Adding product reviews gives some sort of trusted signals so that it is easy for buyers to decide on buying the product.

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Why should you use multi vendor ecommerce Store

In this era many merchants and businessses mostly use multi vendor ecommerce store to showcase their products. Actually there are many reasons to sell on multi vendor ecommerce store and below are the top 4 reasons


Very Flexible

Sellers have the flexiblity to manage product details, prices and delivary areas and those details can be updated as per your convenience. To manage these you does not require any kind of technical knowledge.

Less Set up Costs

You require only less set up cost to run your online business whereas if you go to develop and market your business from scratch then you may require high costs involved.

Suits for Sales Minded Merchants

Merchants who wish to generate more number of profits can go for multi vendor ecommerce platform

Readymade Traffic

A well established multi vendor ecommerce platforms like uniemerchant attracts huge amount of traffic. If your website attracts tons of traffic then your sales get increased. If you create a store from scratch to attract that much of traffic in order to increase your sales then obviously you need to invest in crores to make that happen. But with these kind of softwares you can really save your money with affordable set up cost and moreover you will reap benfits much faster when compared to making it from scratch.


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Importance Of Product Reviews In An Ecommerce Site

After setting up your ecommerce store one of the important step you need to include to raise your sales online is to add product reviews to your product page and this is really an important strategy to escalate your profit and increase your sales.

Advantages of online reviews

  1. You can really build trust and creditablity among your customers for your products with the help of genuine product reviews.
  2. There is a chance of high of number of sales for a particular product which have good reviews
  3. Always people like to read first hand user experience in addition to the product reviews. So, adding product reviews is mandatory to a ecommerce website especially for a startup website.

Increase your product reviews

  1. You can increase the product reviews in your site in below ways.
  2. You can ask the viewers of your site to post the product reviews in your site in a polite way with out forcing them
  3. You can also reward your customers with small coupons or gift vouchers for reviewing a product for you
  4. You can send email campaigns asking your customers to share their experience using your product

Manage Your Reviews

There are handy tools availabe to manage and automate your reviews

  1. Yotpo : Yotpo is one of the easiest way to generate product reviews for your site. Huge quantity of reviews can be created with this amazing tool which can be further used to increase sales
  2. Email Campaigns

You can also start a email campaign to follow up the customer who already purchased your product so that you can get a genuine review from them as they use the product.

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Insightful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your E-commerce Store

One of the foremost step after setting up your ecommerce store is driving traffic to your website. You will get enough revenue only if you get enough traffic to your website. Your online presence should be felt by all people and you should defintely create a brand awareness among people.You can attract massive traffic to your ecommerce store by following below ways.


Below Ways Helps You To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store


You need to do some optimization strategies like onpage and offpage strategies to make your website to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your website is clearly optimized on basic onpage optimization strategies with clear CTA’s failing which you will never get good recognization on search engine.

Paid Advertising:

You can run paid advertsing campaigns in Adwords and Facebook to get more traffic and defintely display ads and Facebook gives you excellent benefits in terms of bringing you traffic.

Social Media Promotion:

In order to get massive traffic you need to concentrate much on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus and Pinterest. These social media sites will give you more benefit in terms of bringing high traffic to your website.


You can even participate in quality forums to gain good traffic. You need to choose high PR and high traffic forum sites and actively participate in those sites. Daily spending atleast 30 mts in authority forums in your niche is certainly worth it.

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