Emerging Ways To Overcome The Challenges Of Running An Ecommerce Store

Once you decide to start an ecommerce store the challenges you face are many. Since the ecommerce industry seems to be very profitable many competitors arise targeting the same market with same product.



Ecommerce Site Construction

The first challenge to set up an ecommerce store is finding out the best platform to set up an ecommerce store. There are numerous options of ecommerce software to start your store. You need to do well research before selecting one. There are two types of options available for you one is hosted version and the other is SAAS version. You can choose one based on your requirements.

Increasing Sales

The next challenge would be increasing sales of your ecommerce store. After finishing developing your store, you need to concentrate on increasing sales of your website. As soon as you start a website you will only incur less number of sales so to overcome this you must first concentrate on your site well and test every component to make your sales pick up.

Focus well on marketing your site through various social media channels and encourage your followers to share the products.

Inventory Management

Another big challenge of an ecommerce site is Inventory Management. You should always stay organised for the key Inventory Management. You need to select a system to easily manage every item you have in the store. Select a platform so that you can quickly change a page to out of stock and product ID.

Poor Website Traffic

In order to drive sales and revenue you need to boost your website traffic. You will need to have enough website visitors so that they convert as buyers. Unless you have large number of website visitors you will incur only less number of sales.

You need to completely utilize social media for the fast traffic. Using better Images in social media post generates more clicks than normal post. So, having a gradual presence and having good number of followers is necessary to increase sales.

You can also invest in google adwords to increase website visitors and to increase sales.

Improving Logistics

Having good logistics is also one of the secret to get more number of sales. Logistics is necessary to get customer retention. If your store fails in logistics then you will obviously fails in all aspects of sales.

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Major Website Elements that Kills Ecommerce Conversions


Ecommerce Conversion

For any ecommerce website, it is really mandatory to improve ecommerce conversions. For increasing conversions we need to closely look at the existing elements of a website.

This post gives an insight about the major elements of an ecommerce website that kills conversions

Major Elements that Kills Conversions

Below discussed are the major elements of a website that kills Ecommerce Conversions

Quality Product Images

Lack of quality product Images are one such element killing ecommerce conversions.

Using quality images boost ecommerce conversion ratios by 20% . Showing images at different angles gives the detailed view of the images from the customer point of view. As people cannot touch the product onine it is your duty to bring the feel of the product to the customer. It is very difficult to expect the conversion without helping people to view the product image properly.

Checkout Pages

Poor checkout pages are one of the notable elements that kills ecommerce conversions. You need to follow certain checkout page startegies to improve conversion rates such as adding checkout buttons at the top and bottom of the page. 

Product Descriptions

Poor product descriptions are one of the element that kills ecommerce conversions. You should write product descriptions in such a way that it sells. The product you are trying to selling should be described strong in your description. When writing product description keep your ideal buyer on mind and write a description in such a way that it makes a customer to buy the product.

Poorly Optimized for SEO

Poorly optimized ecommerce site for SEO also badly drops the conversion. SEO is the major factor which you need to look out as it helps to position your site better in search engines. You need to make sure that your site is optiized well for search engines including Headers tags, alt tags , meta tags etc.,

Poor Navigation

If a customer unable to find proper navigation he might quit your site and move on to the other. So, if your site navigation is poor then you may need to work on it to improve your site conversion . You should need improve your site navigation in such a way that

Slow Loading Pages

Slow loading website are one of the top website element killing conversion. You might need to work on increasing your page speed to increase your conversions. Major search engines take page load timing into their algorithms and they are more likely to guide shoppers to site that load quickly. So, page loading time is the major element to work on to improve conversions.

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Innovative Aspects That Needs To Be Implemented for a Bettered Ecommerce Store

The good news is that online shopping is ever increasing and it is great if you are already an ecommerce store owner or an perspective one. But to make the most of it there is a need to have awareness of your store like the most essential aspects of the store. Currently there are many advancements taking place and it is important to get prepared for the new wave. Here are some of the aspects which is going to rock for the next span of years.

ecommerce store

Mobile Shopping Experience the Key:

Mobile commerce is growing at a peak pace. In the recent past many issues have been associated with people purchasing through the smartphones but now it is being completely changed or almost negligible.

 Long checkouts are completely nailed down and even payments gateways have come up with much simpler form. Also it is a matter of converting your customers within a few taps from the smartphone. Some have gone to the next level by providing live chat assistance which creates an immediate point of connection with customers right from their devices. Hence if your store is not mobile optimized then this is the right time to do so.

Personalized Messages an Asset:

Data driven personalized messages have become the key aspect in driving business today. Many shoppers appreciate the mails regarding their interest and this is your chance to pitch it in the right manner. This could be done through email marketing campaigns and re-targeting.

 The idea behind this is once you become a member of an ecommerce website it should remember the preferences. And today the same personalized messages are being offered even to those who have not logged in. Thereby this action brings in a smooth friction towards the customer journey by having the right content at the right time leading to a more bettered conversion.

 Real Time Data Analytics:

Data is an great resource in helping you to figure out how your business is performing. Real time analytics is a key as it helps to monitor customer and shopper behavior. The problem could be an issue in checkout or coupon code. A lot of sales could be lost due to this issue and hence rectifying them is a great boon.

 Videos to The Help:

Of course you have been offering valuable content but the term is to engage them more. Many have taken advantage of putting up videos that offers quick explanation of their products in a great manner. Many have witnessed the increase in conversions by putting up videos in their homepage and this could be done to you as well.

 Finally this is a great time to be in ecommerce as more businesses continue to innovate and to get a leading edge in the competition. New businesses require a lot out of box thinking and this is essential to achieve greater results.

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What you need to know about Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce is the type of ecommerce taking place through various mobile devices. This includes various e-commerce activities taking place through mobile like online transaction, online shopping store, payment gateways and so on. Well this is just a smallest part within this industry but is turning to have a great potential in the future.

mobile commerce

There are a quite a number of factors of why mobile ecommerce is set to be a great one for the future times. First let us take a look at its advantages:

  • Pervasive:This is the main asset for mobile commerce. Users can still engage in their business, meetings at the same time having a hand over their transactions in the mobile format. This is possible through mobile commerce applications present in their smartphones.
  • Reachability:This is the other advantage of using mobile commerce. Business people can reach out their clients anytime and anywhere through their smartphones. On the other hand users can also interact with people of different locations at different set of time. Thus the time and place constraint is being avoided using this platform.
  • Localization:Mobile commerce also lets you to know the physical location of the other user. With this information a lot of local based services is being displayed. Also localization lets you to notify that colleagues, friends are nearby.
  • Personalization:As many users have increased online via their smartphones. Also mobile phone is a personalized device for many today. Mobile commerce can provide personalized services to each and every user as per their need and their relevance.
  • Accessibility:Mobile phones have more accessibility compared to PCs and hence implementing your store/ business to this platform helps out a lot. Also this platform lets you to share data. You can share data in a faster manner within your demographic location.

Implementation across the globe:

According to a report from IAB in 2011 about 150 websites of the world’s largest retailers have found an access of about 16.5 billion. Here about 6% came from smartphone users and from tablet about 4%. In addition more than 20% user activity increased in tablets than the laptops.

Tesco an UK supermarket has acquired a great advantage through the mobile commerce platform. It gave an option for customers to pay online by scanning their QR codes. The end result within 6 months after implementation the online shoppers has increased to 76% and revenue boosted up to 130%.

On the contrary the smaller scale industry like Dominos has done good with the help of mobile commerce. Dominos introduced mobile commerce in 2011 and within the same year has found an increase about 13% in their sales.

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Social Commerce- How it is going to affect your online store?

There is quite a lot of change taking place within the online world and this scenario has also affected the e-commerce. For many years e-commerce has consistently won the attention of many shoppers thereby venturing them to start their journey online.

social commerce

 Social e-commerce has niched in bringing in online shopping another dimension. According to a survey it is found that many shoppers are utilizing social media to purchase their goodies this holiday season. More than 60% has said that they are willing to purchase through social media platforms. This is great news for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as they are extending their base by creating online store in their own platform.

 Also for retailers the social e-commerce has really played its role. From a survey it is found that 58% of users are following retailers and 30%, 41% of users are commenting or reposting the posts being put up by retailers. Not all social media are having the same stats but of the lot Facebook is leading the e-commerce influencing about 35% of users to influence purchase decision. While other numbers of 25%, 19% and 15% has come from YouTube, Pintrest and Twitter respectively.

 Many brands have been maintaining their profiles in social media platforms but has found it difficult to get the ROI but now with the help of social commerce this has been drastically reduced.

 Here are some steps for successfully competing your brand in the social platform:

  • Accessible Everywhere: In today’s world retailers are required to be accessible everywhere. You can enable users purchasing wherever they are, by allowing social commerce extension of your product offerings.

  • Personal Touch: Social Media is the platform where retailers can connect with the consumers in a great manner. Instead of sending only promotional aspects you can send out images and ideas with your brand name which brings in a personal touch and thus sharing across several groups.

  • Time is Everything: Consumers are in outreach for simplicity and on the spot action. If this is provided by your brand then it could bring in more business and most importantly the repeating ones.

 With the transformation in the behaviour of the online shoppers social media strategies will become absolutely essential. Also if consumers adapt to this newer strategies it could lead to fruitful results both in the present and in the future.

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Start Selling Online This Black Friday By Creating an Online Store

Black Friday Offer- Uniecommerce

Just a month is left for Christmas and many people are almost set up with the festive mood. Many retailers are making use of this by aiding the people to make this festive season a great one by bringing the best offers for all their products. Black Friday is just the beginning for this and you could find many online shopping carts coming up with their own set of ideas to grab the attention of the people and in turn multiplying their sales.

Almost all products are given up with the discount rates and it is definitely turning out to be a great shopping event. Most of the sales for this takes place online and this year it is expected to rise 28% more than the previous one.

How this can help you?

If you are a small retailer then it is best that you create an online shopping cart store for your business. Online carts helps you to list all your products in a proper manner and lets your viewer to shop the ones of their liking. You can also add different sub pages for each product, thereby providing an option to add more ones in the same category.

Provide Offers:

Like any other online store you can also provide offers for Black Friday. This serves a dual purpose for generating traffic as well making a conversion. But the major success in online store has come in dealing with multiple products similar to amazon, ebay and so on. Today the scenario of people is to shop multiple products at the same time. Hence it is better to create a multi vendor shopping cart which lets you to manage multiple vendors, products at the same time. Provide offers which catches the attention of your viewers.

Social Media:

After creating your online store and providing offers it is best that you bring in more awareness. This is possible through the social media as many viewers are connected here. Displaying your offers in a neat legible way is sure to capture their attention.

Well these are the best means for selling your stuff online this Black Friday.

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5 Sure Fire Ways To Use Slideshare For Content Marketing

Slideshare is one of the unavoidable channel for marketing your content. Whenever you need to market your business digitally you should never ever forget or leverage the power of Slideshare as it receives million visitors every month. You are allowed to share anything like PDF, Docs or PPT in Slideshare. Slideshare impressed so many corporate professionals as they go through it to gain knowledge on any thing they need. You can use the slideshare at ease and moreover you can

Slideshare Sharing Guide

First you need to decide on the number of slides

Use attractive images as Images speaks a lot than words

Choose an appealing font

Keep your words short

Optimizing Slideshare To Get More Traffic

File name

Use your keywords for your file name as it increases your organic reach


Also in description you can use your target keywords


As like other social media you need to use hash tags for slideshares too


Choose a right category for your PPT

Clickable Links

You can also use clickable links in your PPT

Sharing Links

Finally you need to set up your PPT for sharing. Make it easier fro your users to share it


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Over the years technology has advanced part by part and people started to use  those technologies rapidly. The only connecting media for end to end customers is mainly mobile communication and networking. From a small scale business industries to a MNC each have their own domain and mobile applications to attract customers.

Mobile applications brings business relationship within the organization and as well as customer relationship with each and every customers. When speaking about mobile application to improve business techniques, the first and the foremost mobile apps which strikes our mind is “food panda” which is a absolute customer attracting application the developers bring more offers and hi-fi food delivery to the end customers to which end users get attracted towards those kind of communication.

Another approach made by one of the leading online trading company name Flipkart enables daily offers and deals to increase the business profit and mobile traffic. The organization is planning to stop it’s online trading through internet in order to develop the business through mobile application trading. Many organization like Amazon, Mcent, Walmart makes profit and business deals with the help of mobile applications.

Customers sit at home and make use of those facilities which are given to them in the form of mobile and tablets. In USA 99% of the area is facilitated with 4G LTE technology for quality data surfing and communication which automatically increases the business growth and develops the country revenue.

There is a lot of hype around the business market and the buyers . The best application sustains in the market and makes business. Few important factors that triggers the business developers and organizations to make profit are as follows,

1.Accurate information about the products.

2. Real time data and updates.

3. Better client service

4. Handy operation to avoid flaws.

5. Customer integrity.

Back end developers of should mitigate all the errors and should meet the client expectations with innovative applications. Frequent updating is essential to fulfill the customer needs.

Smooth navigation and hassle free operation increases the business. Recent researches and study tells that mobile users in western countries spends half a day on mobile device to purchase goods. These trends shows rapid growth in business profit through mobile applications.

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Importance of Mobile Apps For Business

In Todays Life Mobile devices are much important and they change the way the businesses work. The percentage of traffic from mobile devices accounts to around 25% of total internet traffic and it is really important for any businesses out there. As per the recent research the mobile app market reached close to $30 billion in revenue .

mobile apps

Below are the Importance of Mobile Apps For Business

Mobile Apps helps you in building loyalty

Brand Reinforcement

Exposure can be increased

Your Visiblity can be increased

Customer Proximity

Build Creditablity

Increase your revenue

Important Features OF Mobile App

Allow Customization

You should defintely consider the fact that users should feel comfort using your app. Your app should allow the users to alter the application the way they want

Social Integration

Social Media Integrity is also a necessary factor for every mobile application

Eliminate Clicks

You should try to eliminate unnecessary clicks by asking minimum amount of information from the user

Include Analytics

Tracking and analysing your users behaviour is also an important feature which you need to consider with your mobile app

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How to retain customers and make them to purchase more

In this ecommerce arena, everyday new businesses arises with a new concept to and apply unique tactics to acquire more new customers and retain more customers. Following are the steps that can be undertaken to acquire more customers and retain customers


Customer Accounts Acquiring

After the customer making a purchase you should generally opt a sign up form to create an account and thus you can grab their contact ID and use for future promotion. Generally filling a long form generally results the users in browsing and leaving.


Sending regular newsletter campaigns regarding special offer and on going sales is a great way to keep your customer informed about the special offers and new discounts regarding your product.

Loyalty Points

You can provide loyalty points to your regular customers so that they can ensure their continued reality. You can simply offer them a personalized discount or membership credot where they can earn 3 pts for evry purchase of 100 rs in which they can later redeem that to cash or gift voucher.

Make Use Of Social Media

Use social media to the core. Social media sites like facebook and twitter are very popular and you must use these platforms well. Follow some unique strategies to acquire more likes in facebook and followers in twitter. The people who like your page at facebook and follow you at twitter are likely to endorse your products more.

Offer Substantial Credit

Discounts are really a great way to win back the customers who are not your customers . Just give a reasonable discount like flat rs 50 off for every purchse of Rs 1000. By giving this offer customers will come back shopping in your site

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