Amazon to buy the MENA Online store retailer SOUQ.COM

Souq is most famous E-commerce platform in around the MENA Countries. initially an auction website after that to change the Online shopping site similar to the amazon website with a marketplace.


In 2014 raised $75 million from the South Africa based Naspers and various countries. online shopping platform sells consumer electronics, fashion, Home appliances and etc.. so that on its website to being the biggest e-commerce portal in the MENA ( Arab ). Inc. and India’s Flipkart Online Services Pvt both are planning to acquires MENA based after that U.S Online retail Amazon entered talk with  last year in a deal that would have been worth about $1 billion.

“ claims to command 78% of all e-commerce traffic in the MENA region, and with online purchases accounting for only 1 to 2% of regional retail sales, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth.

The Dubai-based firm offers 8.4 million products on its site, having recently begun selling books and groceries.

Amazon, a global giant, offers an estimated 40 million products.

The deal also comes few days after Emaar Malls, which is headed by Dubai billionaire Mohamed Alabbar, confirmed that it made an offer to acquire, challenging the bid from

Source :

Yes, Amazon acquired the Chinese Ecommerce online shopping portal to establish in china in the early day of online shopping platform and can take experience to better manage the growth in the MiddleEast

“Amazon is clearly interested in tapping into growth in emerging markets.”

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Improve Online Store Business With Social Media

Social media is taken up by many brands to bring in sales to their business. Just a mere budget and blind notion would not work out. A poor social media projection would leave you to lose business to competitors.

Beautiful young woman using a mobile phone

Here’s some inspiring advice from the professionals of this niche:


Audience’s Favorite platform:


There are multiple channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., Do you actually focus on the one that is apt for your audience or do you do it in general? Yes, we do it in general. But, how many of us focus on the favorite platform of the audience or the place where your customers’ spend most of their times? Concentrating on such platforms with content marketing and targeted advertising, will bring in enormous results. Peg Fitzpatrick, a well- known social media expert suggests that it is good to focus on one or two effective social media channels than on every medium that’s available.


A Compiling Identity:


For a sassy reputation, focus on enticing content that attracts the attention of the customers. The ones that start conversations, grab customers’ interest and sharing of breaking news kind of content will surely contribute to the next level of business.


Re-targeting- Still the key:


When you have really good customer base and you re-target them, there are higher chances that there will be an upgrade in sales. With effective usage of CRM, target the exact customers with their purchase behavior and other effective factors. Social media should be used in a way that it tempts the existing customers to buy again from you.


Make the most with an App:


Use social media in a way that it directs the visitors to your mobile app. Your content and media used should be in such a way that it exerts a pull on the visitors to click on and visit your app. From there you can focus on how to attract them to purchase from your app.


Social media is one of the most powerful tool to convert your customers. Some ecommerce software come with the social media feature that is highly advantageous. Make the most of it by showcasing interactive and enticing information in the right social media platforms.

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What Do Online Sellers Need to Know About Mobile Optimization Tacticts 2017

The existing pattern about SEO purely deals with the desktop first world thereby ignoring mobile optimization. This is one of the important things that online sellers need to understand if they are to take branding of their ecommerce website to an elevated level. If you believe Google brings you business, then here’s something for you; it’s not too late for Google to launch its core mobile- friendly update.


Priorly, Google had launched the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update initiating mobile-friendly websites. Yet, there’s one core point to understand. Desktop sites are ranked based on the content of mobile version of the site. Such is the significance of mobile-friendly websites.

Google has not yet started the Mobile- First Index update yet. But, it will roll-out in the end of 2017. There will obviously be only one index and that will be the Mobile- First one.

There are various types of mobile websites introduced in the past few years. These were found to improve the user- friendliness of websites to multi-folds.

The SEO changes Ecommerce Sellers must know:

  • Crawling JavaScript Sites:

There was really no affordable tool before the release of Screaming Frog version 6.0. This would render a client- side JavaScript. It is now possible to crawl as a mobile user. The content can also be rendered. In the recent versions only the “headless browser” was seen.

  • SPA Indexation:

Single Page Application the abbreviation of SPA. Mobile searchers will be directed to the requisite app by creating deep links within the app. This will help the Google discover app content and optimizes the app.

  • Mobile KWR for Answer Boxes:

Searching on mobile devices is different than in desktop. There are mid-tail keyword phrases that are suggested along with “people also ask” and “people also search for” options.

  • Geographic Inde

Geo is considered an important factor for mobile searches. Depending on that also SEO of ecommerce site should be done.

Mobile Ranking Factors:

  1. The speed of the website loading on the mobile

  2. Pop-ups should not be a distraction. It needs to be limited in size when used on mobile

  3. For mobile ranking, the core factor is user- interface

  4. Last but not the least, crawling is one of the biggest concern to be considered

This year, let ecommerce sellers focus on addressing websites that have mobile- friendly related issues. This will surely incline sales of the Multi-vendor shopping cart software business to a positive side.

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The App Technology To Elevate Restaurant Sales

The Nation’s Restaurant News has recently reported that as more and more restaurants are keen on engaging their customers, digital ordering and the app technology is becoming the key for success. Another analysis by the NPD Group suggested that the market is growing in double digits due to digital ordering.


The total traffic to restaurant is occupied 3% by digital ordering. This may also be equated as 1.9 billion visits as per The NDP group. Though it is suggested that the major chains alone follow the mobile ordering, The NDP group suggests that there is enormous growth opportunity for this technology.

Mobile app technology is sure to improve the customer experience to the next new level. Riggs from a famous analysis team suggests that with the chain dominated nature of this business, digital ordering would be a big hit. With online food ordering system being mandatory, customers would definitely want your restaurant to have one. If not, they may change their mind to prefer another restaurant that has online ordering.

An interesting fact found by the NPD group is that the most often ordered meal via the food delivery software is the dinner. Almost 50% of the digital orders are dinners says a survey. People with families use online restaurant ordering system more. Around 35 % of the people with children make online food orders.

The above- average users, the ones under the age of 35, use digital ordering. The people who have higher household incomes also are a criteria in ordering food online.

A lot of Africans and Americans prefer restaurant management software than the other country citizens.

There are many people who place online orders via website. Besides the mobile restaurant ordering system is growing at a faster pace. Hence, it definitely all about the mobile application for technology.

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Restaurant Technology Trends To Stay On Track

From innovating new delicacies to purchasing extraordinarily attractive bowls and plates to serve, restaurant industry is constantly looking for ways to improvise standards and sales. Customers come first in place in any business and there’s no wonder in this too. While business improvisations stands in one side, tracking business is yet another important factor to cope up in the hospitality industry.


So as it goes,

Tracking of customer base:

The old school handwritten notes to track your customers are outdated ages back and that completely agreed.  Hospitality business when checked with closer insights through the CRM- the smarter way to track. This is available in the online food ordering system. Booking tables, providing guest data and integrating with the latest POS systems. Track easily and target customers in the most perfect way.

POS in the IOS form:

From the old days, for many Food and Beverage business, POS has been core for all business. It has also evolved a lot in the recent times. It has given a user- friendly journey from reporting to segregation on the whole. Its definitely a win- win for restaurants. Just the hardware will get updated on a regular basis. Now it is a sleek hardware that the total F&B industry is trying to turn its head to. It is the IOS for POS systems.

Mobile Payments are On the go:

Important devices weren’t fitting into your pockets. That’s not the case now. Everything can be confined to a small place. Payments were first done with your wallets. Now smartphones serve as wallets. Now mobile wallets are becoming more popular and are widely used. With the integration of payment gateways it has become more convenient.

These are the most important things to note in a FoodPanda clone to stay on track. Follow the new trends that are quickly listed and tell us how your results are!

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Ecommerce Brands Should Prepare Themselves For CX in 2017

With ecommerce seeing constant changes, here are some tips for what ecommerce brands need to look into to keep themselves up in the market, this year. However be the line of strategies, everything should cling to one main thing: Customer experience.

42% of CEOs agree with the fact that customer experience is the key to drive business. This was found by the latest Gartner data. 80% of the B2B customers accept that CX(customer experience) is the biggest influencer in decision to work with certain business vendors.

Price and product will be overrun by CX by the end of 2020, says an insight by Walker. Customer experience will become the key brand differentiators.

CX has already been taken as a serious factor by many enterprises. Here are some instances that predict it.

  1. To create and engaging experience to audience, Oculus was bought by Facebook in 2014.

  2. Mobile checkout experience is core for brands to see huge conversion rates.

  3. Decisions are evaluated in a more unique way than the last few years with leadership roles making more important notes. An observation by McKinsey suggests that customers’ experience says that CX should be considered as one main factor.

If ecommerce shopping cart software is what you are looking for, then choose the system that has the best customer experience. The first step to look into if you are in need of a software in 2017, initially list out requirements, research on the best-suited ecommerce software for your domain, check for its features list and most of all, look if has a good customer experience and customization. Yes, if a multi vendor shopping cart is completely customizable, it solves almost all your issues. You can easily go with it to begin business in near future.

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$250B Market Scope For Online Food Delivery

Online food ordering industry is seeing a rise than the last year and there is an expected capital inflow in this. The market opportunity for the online food ordering system still remains as huge as ever. The core restaurant market comprises a large share of profits from online food delivery and online hotel booking, say the latest research of Morgan Stanley.

60% of the online food delivery is found to be for Pizza delivery. There is another perception where experts suggest, seeing the amount of inquiries they receive for pizza delivery gave rise to the reason of beginning / starting up with an online food ordering system for all restaurant items.

pasted image 10Research on 5000 Americans were conducted and that resulted in the below conclusions;

  1. Two third of them placed online take away orders for the past 6 months
  2. The detailed report suggested that the level of demand of this industry was consistent
  3. Urban, Sub-Urban and Rural markets are involved in it

There is a rapid growth for online delivery or Foodpanda clone kind of services. Many restaurants that had considered sales just through their physical outlets are changing their minds. A recent NDP research suggests that off-premise food service will overtake the traffic growth to the restaurant industry in the next 10 years.

pasted image 0

Apart from this, total of the whole restaurant industry compounds to $490 billion market out of which food delivery contributes to 43%. That is depicted in the pie chart below:

Every industry sees/ faces a periodical trend and some may stay for long. Online food ordering system is one such trend at the moment that would sky-shot business.

Restaurant Management SoftwareRestaurant POS Software

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Must-Have Features for E-commerce Sites

Websites have their own way of showcasing themselves. Be it a kind of animation or product previews, every website has its unique style. Here are some of the must- haves a multi vendor shopping cart must- have in order to stay profitable.

Mobile friendly website:

To stay on the top, you gotta make your business portal as mobile friendly as you can. Its is a well- known fact that more people prefer to use to mobile mode of the website than the desktop version. Hence, having a mobile friendly website makes it convenient for customers.

Special offers:

Enabling special offers is an integral part of marketing a business. Having special offers in the header column of the website makes it more predominant and grabs the attention of users/ customers to take a look at what it’s all about.

Related items:

Yes another must- have feature is the related items column. Well, thinking in the customer point of view, they’d be more than interested to find items relevant to what they are looking for. This not only works good in a customer perspective but also works as nobly for the one using the shopping cart software also. Yes, an additional display is equal to additional sales channel.

Security features:

Security of a site should top the list when its comes to concern. As the site is used by both merchants and customers use the site, a secure atmosphere is a must to maintain. Firewall that bridges a wall between authorized and unauthorized traffic should be built and proceeded. Having privacy policy in the footer part of the system is also treated as a security feature.

High resolution photos and videos:

One drawback with the online store is that you do not get a chance to see the product like that of what you see it in a physical store. But, an ecommerce software with solution that is almost the same, many high resolution images of the product, in different angles can do wonders in the sale of that products. Videos of those products depict a clearer understanding on the same.

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Restaurant Technology Trends in 2017

A new year is a beginning for new happening. In technology terms, it is time for new technology to get its place. What do restaurant customers expect from technology? They expect something that innovation, user- friendly and convenient. In a recent study conducted across 1000 dinners, some of the big changes of the industry were discussed along with the future restaurant technology. Here are 3 top trends:

Image result for restaurant customers

A Server Call Button:

How annoyed are we when we sit in the restaurant and wait for the waiter to come near our table or to wave a hand to them. To avoid such situations, a server call button  technology can be implemented. Every customer needs the attention of waiters till they leave the restaurant. A simple call button acts as a tool to alert waiter that you are in need of them to take new orders, ask some queries or to refill your plates.

The Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback is one of the main things involved in restaurant business. Earn a few negative feedback and your business will slowly see the low side of sales. In the age of social media, anything and everything is shared and a feedback when shared can impact your Foodpanda clone business in both positive and negative ways.

Online ordering platform:

Well, another boon that restaurant technology has acquired is the restaurant ordering system. Customer can order food in just a tap. There are numerous features that come along with the  online food ordering system. Both web and mobile platforms are helpful for customers to get along with a restaurant and be in good terms with them.

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Ways to Implement Technology for a Successful Restaurant Business

Technology plays a major role in various industries of which the restaurant industry needs to adopt the technique of transforming the traditional method of operations to an advanced and easy one using technology. Technology can assist by reducing operational costs, risks of crowd handling, manpower and increasing order frequency and customer loyalty.

Easy Order Placement via Mobile Ordering, Customer Apps, and Digital Signage

With the advent of technology in modern times, the consumer can utilize online menus, online ordering and online reservation system to browse menus, order food or drinks, and enjoy a convenient dining experience. Restaurants also offer mobile apps for the customer to place order and pick it up while on the go saving much time. Digital boards make it way too easy to change price and menus than manually changing it.

Advanced Mode of Payments for Effortless User Experience

The rate of going cashless has considerably increased as consumers have transferred their mode of payment to digital transactions. By implementing the cashless method of payments in restaurants, a large number of consumers tend to choose your restaurant as it has no hassles of waiting in queues for payment processing.

Ensuring Safety by Installing CCTV camera for 24×7 Surveillance

By installing digital cameras in the food preparation areas and other workplace malpractices and non-compliance can be easily detected and the decorum along with the genuine functioning of the hotel can be well maintained. New technologies along with LED lights in work areas and alongside heat equipment where slippage may occur contributes to hazard reduction.

Cloud Based Point-of-sale Technology

Compared to the large upfront cost and the limitations of a closed architecture that costs much with limited features, the Point-of-sale Technology is an advanced option for easy maintenance of the restaurant as it cuts down on pricing. It not only cuts down on costs but also offers various user-friendly features like wallet integration, online ordering and many other loyalty programs making it easy for the customer to access and place orders and the restaurant to streamline the services with the best customer service.

Regardless of the industry, technology evolves so quickly and has always known to support both the customers and the business. On the other hand, technology does fail at times but success totally depends on how swift the restaurant rectifies the hiccup and bounces back to normal.

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